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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Great idea Sherrie, Hi PB, welcome, losing the 5 kilos is just as hard I reckon as 15 kg, so I made it about eating better an being healthy rather than weight loss, an that frame of mind has really helped me stay on track this time, I keep a food dairy and have been putting in the days so I'm now into my 80th day of healthy eating and have broken some bad habits finally, I'm not perfect an my free days are pretty full on, but the whole getting back on track is much easier now. hope this helps
      Cheers Dal
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi there Dal,
      Yes, you're so right, 5kgs is just as hard to lose & I think you put more pressure on yourself cause you say it's ONLY a small amount!! It all involves hard work though. It's totally mind over matter.
      Anyways onwards & upwards. :) Food all organised for tomorrow, so here's to a great week for everyone!! Thanks for your reply
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi fellow bodytrimmers.
      My story in a nutshell.
      Lost 8 kg and reached goal with Bodytrim at the end of 09.
      Probably put back on about 5 over the course of last year. Lost 2 at end of 10 with bodytrim, then backed off over Xmas. I'm starting again today and will do my 3 days of PO. Wasn't game to weigh myself this morning, but I'm sure I'll have about 5 kg's to lose and am giving myself a couple of months to do that and will do it!!!
      Will weigh myself Sundays and will put up a new ticker then!
      Good luck to everybody.

      PS. Sherrie, I don't think it would hurt to re-start the thread, it is getting rather long isn't it.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Thanks Sherrie for the offer to close up this thread. Its getting a bit unwieldy isnt it?

      Still, its a great read for anyone that hasnt got the full BT kit with the book and DVD's.

      I was able to loose 9 kgs on BT with out buying the kit using only this and the BT forum so its a great resource.

      I did invest once I realised it was the way for me and I purchased the new BT+. Its now the way I live and will be for the foreseeable :D
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      hello, well i got rid of my xmas gain an actually reached a weight I havent been at since my first b/t time, so am very happy, but my P/O day after the weekend wasnt perfect, but as long as I keep being honest with the writing down of it all, I will stay on track, weight loss probably wont be much this week but thats what happens. Good hear your feeling great Pureblonde.

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi Dal, I've struggled with maintenance all my life! If I set my mind to it, I can lose weight, I've just got to work out how to keep it off. I'm sure we're not the only ones in that boat.
      So, for the first part, I need to lose this weight ... again!
      Then I'll get serious about maintenance.

      I'm into Day 2 of PO, no slip up so far.
      And walked 40 minutes this morning, not fun with mud slopping up the back of my legs. Very wet in Qld this Summer.

      All the best everyone.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi Ladies,
      My quick story...I have given up a very unhealthy habit of ciggarettes and took up another unhealthy habit of eating all the wrong things and now I need to lose 10kg's.
      I am very pleased of kicking the killer weed, dont get me wrong but I have never had to worry about my weight until now, however I am really looking forward to learning more about food and my body and having somthing else to achieve.
      It sounds like BT is a good way to go and I have just completed day 3 of PO, and so far so good. I have not purchased the BT system, and am following the info on the website.
      I am looking forward to tomorrow, and being able to eat salad and veg to go with my main protein meals.
      I am a little confused what to do at breakfast though as it reads that i am allowed a peice of fruit or starch? Does starch mean a slice of wholegrain bread?
      Also can anyone tell me if I am allowed half a banana in my protein shake as a breakfast meal on the weight loss phase, and if so am I allowed skim milk?

      Keep up the great work ladies and the support to each and all.
      Best wishes
      SnooSnoo :p
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi all, wow Fiona mud an rain hope your doing okay with it all.
      welcome snoosnoo, its great to eat veg again after detox, I myself have never had protein shakes for breakfast I like to eat not drink, but I use protein shake with oats, mix it with a bit of water to make a paste, cook the oats in water then give it a stir an mix in the protein powder, yummy creamy oats. Or I have 2 eggs on 1 piece of multi-grain. You can use milk in tea an coffee but not in protein shakes. Try the B/T forum for some more brekkie ideas cos I'm pretty boring with mine. Have a great weight loss week.

      cheers Dally
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey Snoo. Yes breakfast is a little tricky. Your are allowed a 100gm serve of protein plus vegies plus a single serve of carb (starch OR fruit). I have a burger patty (50gms) an egg (50gms) on a slice of multigrain toast with tomatoes or mushrooms on the side.

      So your banana with a protein shake is on the right track only you probably need more protein. So maybe an egg as well. I have had an "egg flip" type shake before with a piece of fruit on the side to get my full serve of protein.

      I will list some of mine to give you an idea.

      1 slice multigrain toast with 2 eggs scrambled/poached/fried
      1 slice mg toast with shaved turkey/ham & low fat cheese slice melted
      serve cereal (try for low fat/sugar, high fiber) skim milk with protein serve on the side
      Bacon, egg, hash brown (no toast as hash brown is potato/carb)
      Fruit yogurt with protein serve on the side
      Pancakes (BT style) with sugar free maple syrup (these are made with ricotta so thats your protein serve)
      Shake (egg, skim milk, protein powder, vanilla essence, sweetener)with fruit serve on the side

      Hope that helps to get you going. Breakfast is very important as we have been told a million times :) But with BT it really does get your metabolism going.

      Yes your are allowed skim milk but only in small amounts in tea/coffee. I do have it in cereal as well but I only have cereal about once a week.

      Keep the questions coming - only too happy to help
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Morning everyone.
      I'm amazed how many Western Australians are on this forum! I notice on the weather each evening how you must all be sweltering! :mad:
      It just won't stop raining here in the sunshine state. Thankfully we're a long way north of the current disaster area. Horrific images out of the south-east corner.
      But back to B/T.
      Welcome to Snoosnoo. Firstly, congratulations on kicking the fags. If you've got the strength to kick that habit, losing weight will be a walk in the park!We're at the same phase, I've just finished my 3 days of PO also.
      Couldn't walk this morning because of a storm overnight turning my walking track into a bog, better luck tomorrow!
      Anyway, hope everyone's going well. Great to see this thread active, it really helps with motivation.
      Hooray for veges on the menu tonight.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey girls and guys the new bodytrim thread is up and running so I will now close this one off. Enjoy and let me know if any other threads or posts on this forum need to be added, just send me the link to it. :)

      Bodytrim Diet 2
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.