Sick of cooking? I am and I have a hint!

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    • Sick of cooking? I am and I have a hint!

      The one thing that bugs me, is stopping to cook my breakfast and lunch during a busy working day. I finally wised up and now I cook extra at dinner so I can have the leftovers for lunch becuase I am sooo sick of eggs!

      i also love making lettuce leave wraps. When my family has 'mumitos' - my version of Mexican, I use lettuce leaves to wrap around my taco mix - next best thing but I am looking forward to when I can increase my carbs to have the real thing once again!

    • Mexican San Choy Bow...

      Yep... Great idea, having the taco mix in the lettuce 'cups' - not as messy either - i never did master the art of eating a taco...

      So nowadays, we call Tacos 'Mexican San Choy Bow'... I have always called San Choy Bow 'Chinese Tacos'