Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

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    • Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

      I got on my scale this morning and although there is no gain today…Yay!! There’s no loss either. I was thinking about my carb counts and although I’ve managed to cut them back to 30g a day…21g of that are in one meal. Could this be affecting my metabolism? It only occurred to me that maybe my carbs should be spread out more evenly over the day. Oh, and the fat content of my breakfast is VERY low too…but protein is quite high along with the carbs. It reminds me of how I used to eat...and I know that put weight on.

      So what do you think? Could that be causing the weight gain/stall? Could one high carb meal a day cause this…even though the total daily carbs are still quite low?
    • Re: Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

      Yes I think it is a very good idea to spread carbs out throughout the day. You never know the carb and protein hit may just be enough to interrupt things.
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    • Re: Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

      I've seen bits and pieces here and there about hormones and diet...but I'm not sure about it all. Is it that high carbs stimulate hormone production? And if so, do you think that the smoothy I drink might be affecting that? Carbs = sugar right?
    • Re: Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

      If your smoothie is milk-based and includes fruit, then, yes it could be a problem if you are trying to stick to low carb.

      What about a protein shake for breakfast if you can't get anything else down? There are lots of different flavours available.:)

      *edit* I just found your smoothie doesn't look too bad with yoghurt and cream, but what about trying berries instead of the banana and stone fruit?
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    • Re: Is my breakfast smoothy the problem?

      Hi Annelies...I went and bought some frozen raspberries for my smoothy but I'm a bit confused about the carb content...check out my diary for more info :) Any help would be great.

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