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    • hello there am just new to the site and to the programme, jsut been reading the book,a nd have been looking at what I have to do, I realsie you are all old hands and feel a bit out of it, can you tell me where to start please
    • Hello Dangles,welcome to the forum,it is a good idea to start a diary here so everyone can see where your at.
      Have a look at this link,it will get you started.
      [edit: no longer exists]
      You will start off having 20carbs a day.Only eat the foods listed to get your body kick started to burn fat instead of carbs.
      After the first two weeks you can add nuts etc.,and strawberries but for the first two weeks only what is on that list.
      Something else you can have is the POH muffin mix.This is ideal for snacks and breakfast,and is great for fibre.
      You will need to get a good multi vitamin .
      That should get you started and then your diet can be streamlined to suit your age and weight .

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