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    • New Forum Features

      I have been meaning to make a post outlining some of the new features that came with the latest vbulletin upgrade.

      Firstly, is user profiles and social features. These have changed dramatically with heaps of new features - including customisation of your profile page. You will find your profile page will look much more spiffy now. People can post messages on your profile page, kind of like a "public" messaging system. You can upload images to your own gallery within vbulletin itself that people can access through your profile page. You can also add people as your friends or create your own social groups.

      When creating or viewing threads you can now tag them with keywords and do a tag search to help find them again. Also, as well as rating the threads that you like, you can now go one step further and bookmark them by selecting the social bookmark of your choice down the bottom of the thread. Adding favourite threads to social bookmark websites is a good thing for everybody and will help more people outside of our website to find the thread.

      To have a further read on some of the new features you can view this thread on the vbulletin forum: vBulletin 3.7 First Look!

      BUT one downside to these new profile and user album features is that they are now another avenue for spam and unsavoury characters so I have disabled some features like I have with signatures. However, this is nothing personal and only in place to make it harder for spammers and thus your permissions will change as your post count grows and you get to know others on the forum. It's all good :D

      FYI this forum will be down briefly sometime today as I update the forum software with some bug fixes but it won't take long.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.