LC For Kids?

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    • LC For Kids?

      Do you encourage your kids to eat similar to what you do?

      I've been thinking about it over the last few days and not sure muesli bars etc from the shop are doing my kids the best...

      Do you encourage them to eat a bit lc or keep it all balanced with carbs etc?

      Just curious :)
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    • Re: LC For Kids?

      Great question funkychook!

      I personally don't try to get my kids to eat low carb but I do try to make sure they eat healthily. For me that means lots of fruit, veges, protein, nuts, cheese etc. I don't really base main meals around carbs much anymore, they and hubby eat what I eat but with a few extras sometimes. ie I might cook steak and low carb veges and add potato for them.

      School lunches are the hardest and I do buy things like muesli bars and they take a sandwich. But I always send fresh fruit and we make up little baggies of things like nuts and dried fruit, cheese etc as well.

      My boys are 7 and 9 and skinny as rakes and very very active so I think they can handle a few carbs. If they were older and had weight issues I might try a bit harder. Then again I actually believe if you don't have blood sugar issues and you are at a healthy weight something along the lines of 40:30:30 ratio is probably ideal with mostly (90%) whole foods, and I don't consider things like bread or pasta to be whole foods.

      I do have to be careful as they are very aware that I am trying to lose weight and eat low carb and they often ask me questions like "Will eating X make people fat?" I try not to put a negative empahsis on my losing weight and talk more in terms of eating for health and fitness than to lose fat.

    • Re: LC For Kids?

      I send my older 2 with the same sort of thing you do with your kids too... they play soccer on the w/e and are always out in the backyard riding scooters/bikes and jumping on the trampoline...

      Since last year my daughter is coming home saying she is fat (she's 7 now) how she has fat legs etc, she is a large girl and I wouldn't say she is overweight at all, she was born 11 pound 3 and I think that reflects in her body shape/bone structure also, I think she is perfect how she is but other kids don't think so apparently

      I'm waiting for my bodytrim package to come in the mail and I think I will try to adapt the kids meals to my meals also and just give them a bit of potato etc

      I was thinking of maybe making our own muesli bars somehow that arent so carb filled... I have a dehydrator also that I can do that and make fruit rollups (I refuse to buy the shop ones) you just puree the fruit and put it in the dehydrator and a few hours later you have what they call a fruit lather

      then again fruit and veges aren't as cheap as what they used to be too...
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    • Re: LC For Kids?

      when my son was growing up we didnt have junk in the house at all - rarely cakes, biscuits, chips, take away etc
      that is how i ate - healthy and so did he

      when i went LC he could have too but he was older and growing boys need lots of food so healthy whole meal bread and cereals always came to the rescue
      he still eats very healthy and doesnt have a weight problem
      no sugar in his hot drinks, no sweets, chips etc

      makes it hard when i go craving rubbish in the house and there never is any - him and his gf do all our shopping!!

      i see no reason why kids should have "treats" - that are actually harmful to them

      i guess that is a contributor why we are number one obese nation in the world
    • Re: LC For Kids?

      The fact that Darrin & I both have trouble coping with carbs leads me to believe Caleb (and eventual siblings) will be the same way. So the only processed stuff we let him have at home are plain rice crackers and the odd chip when we get takeaway. I don't think kids need carby crap any more than we do. Sure their nutritional needs are different, but we have plenty of fresh fruit & he picks it when he wants it. He wouldn't know what a sweet biscuit is but he goes ape for apples, bananas, strawberries, etc.
    • Re: LC For Kids?

      I'm thinking about keeping my girls LC just for dinner and cutting back on their snacks at night. Neither of my girls eat sandwiches for lunch, which drives me crazy, plus they are big on fruit. I give them 1 piece a day which they eat, but try and add much more than that and they just won't eat it, especially Ashleigh.

      The girls have both taken to loving their dinner recently, when previously, I have struggled to get them to eat much meat at all. I need to find those containers that will keep the food hot so they can take leftovers for lunch. I used to have some, but can't remember where I bought them.
    • Re: LC For Kids?

      I used to hate sandwiches and cereals as well, Maya hates them too as well as cakes. Most fruits she will chew a bit and then spit it out, only ones she will eat properly is bananas or mango which are both high in sugar! Veggies she is fine with especially broccoli, brussels and pumpkin, she loves them!
      I actually make her a "pancake" for her breaky, which is really just an omelet made from eggs and cream but I drizzle a little maple on it afterward as otherwise she won't eat eggs.

      What about salads, do they like them? There's also a recipe, maybe in the eggs thread for these pumpkin egg muffins I made, I wasn't a fan of them much but my son Ryan absolutely loved them and eats them straight out of the fridge, they might be really good for school.

      I would be reluctant to keeping warm food in lunch containers especially if they are made out of plastic.
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