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    • I am 26yo, female, an HR Administrator and a part-time student out of MA, USA; I am a Vet of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan, a poet and a science blogger. I sit most of my day and had wrist surgery a few years back for De Quervains Syndrome (just like Carpal Tunnel, but a diff tunnel) and couldn't do pushups any longer (or any weight bearing) and lost my drive for working out all together. I have recently picked it back up lightly (mostly cardio) but, still haven't dropped in weight. Then I tried pills, lost a bit and got tired of being hungry after about two weeks, gained it back. Then, I tried to work out everyday, lost steam after a week, no weight loss. Then I tried just ignoring my fatness and eating wheat thins -- that obviously did not do it. I live a busy, busy life, consisting of a career, demanding classes, procrastinating on HW to playing the new Civilization Revolution as well as Wii golf :), chores, playing with my cute Kitty Kiwi (I'll post a pic sometime) etc.

      Anyway, my boyfriend of four years and I are buying our first home right now and I have been hanging onto this extra belly fat (a little upper arm/inner thigh too) for about two years. I am self conscious about it and the self consciousness takes away my esteem and some of my passion as well as negatively affects my sex life and psychology. Particularly offensive is that my boyfriend's body is fantastic; being so, makes me feel like I am not living up to my end of the bargain and it's tough to feel sexy, when you do not think you are... I want my flat stomach back and want to be in that shape by the time I host my Xmas party for the family this coming year. I am tired of wearing under shirts to protect from accidental blubbery belly sightings and would like to wear tank tops confidently again. Also, I want to actually go to the beach next year AND in a two piece.

      I weighed 146lbs when I started induction four days ago; I am currently at 144lbs. I want to get to 135 as a gage; but would love to be 130lb. I am 5'8"

      My diet downfall is nighttime and my nighttime pastimes that lead to the munchies. I tend not to snack or eat all together unhealthily during the day, but then make up for it by eating ice-cream, wheat thins, dark chocolate, choco chip cookies and baked goods of my making (carbs galore.) I need to change my eating habits, so that snacks at night are part of a healthy diet, not my demise. I also enjoy alcohol. Wine 3-4 nights a week after work or with dinner and (used to) have beers on the weekend (usually Sat night) But, after induction I will be drinking only non sugar drinks mixed and white wine in moderation (red as an occasional treat) and will be aware that the alcohol is used as a form of burnable energy as well and that my drinking infringes any fat burning as the body will burn the alcohol first.

      So, there we have it. I know I am not looking to lose much, but it has been securely fastened to my body for a while and I need something new to get it to budge. My father (he was significantly overweight) lost 60lbs on a loosely followed Atkins diet (I think he pretty much just ate meat and still drank wine) So, I figured… If he can lose 60, I can lose 10-15lbs. :) Hopefully!

      Wish me luck!