Low Carb Baked Custard

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    • Low Carb Baked Custard

      Low Carb Baked Custard

      4 eggs

      600mls Cream

      splosh of vanilla

      1/2 Cup Xylitol

      Blend together till its just starting to thicken slightly, then pour into a baking dish ,then that dish into a larger baking dish and fill half way with water and bake at 170 c for 30minutes..I baked it at 150c for 15mins then i turned the oven off and left it for an hour in the oven to cool.. but my oven is a cow of a thing. so watch it and when it forms a beautiful golden thin crust and it is firming up its time to turn the oven off. the entire dish is 1.1 carbs( isn't that wonderful) this would be loevly with fresh fruit but I cannot eat it :(

      [edit:] I noticed this recipe when looking for the lemon and sage ice cream, it uses the same amount of cream as my baked custard does and I can tell you the entire dish is not the 1.1g carbs as the cream alone equals 18g ( can be more depending on brand). I'm really not sure how she worked that out so wanted to update so people are not mislead.

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    • Baked egg custard is one of my most favorite things. :)

      I make mine often with yolks only, no whites, and use whatever cream I have, light or heavy. I use whole-leaf stevia extract as a sweetener. (I like saccharin, but it gives me unpleasant food-chemical symptoms.)

      I put a sprinkle of nutmeg on top.

      I use either 4-oz. custard cups, or 6-oz. canning jars.
      The water in the water bath needs to come up to 1/2 - 1 inch from the top of the custard cups or jars for that wonderful custard consistency.

      I sometimes put a dab of butter in the bottom of the custard cups or jars before putting in the egg mixture.

      The recipe can be made into a base for a savory dish, by omitting the stevia, and putting in cheese or meat, or whatever one wishes.

      Sour cream works well, too, and saves having to scald cream, and wash a pan.
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    • There's more custard recipes in a thread called desserts or low carb desserts. I will have to sort some of those old threads out eventually as we have recipe sections now
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