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    • Alrighty, so, I cheated this past weekend with various alcoholic drinks (sans carbs) and a fiber bar… but, then I abided by the diet (99%) through today and have only lost the pound I gained over the weekend :(

      What am I doing wrong? What does everyone recommend for a total cals and fat grams to continue loss? I am obviously consuming too much, if my body stopped burning... bummer. Although, there were two days (following the binge) in which I ate little for lunch and missed my veg all together the 2nd day (except an avocado - the only carbs except for a t-spoon of cream) and felt all sluggish and dehydrated (I feel much better today) Also, I have had three of those coconut Atkins bars - mmmm - that supposedly only have 3net carbs (yes, I know choc and coconut are not on the induction legal foods list)

      Help please! Should I do induction another week without the delicious chocolate coconut bars and no alcohol; or should I very carefully move onto step two? Also, how detrimental is the feta cheese I have been eating?

      I am 5"8, 142lbs and my moderate goal is 135lbs (another 7) though, my dream/bikini weight is 130lbs (which would be a loss of 12lbs)

      Any suggestions, chastise welcome… ugh... it's so difficult to face to boob toob after a long day, without a yummy snack :(

      This is such a bummer, as I told myself if I got to 140lbs by Saturday that I would make an awesome cheesecake with a sparing nut base and fresh step 2 allowed fruit in modest cupcake servings.. Alas, it may not be on the menu till next Saturday...

    • Re: Question

      Well, I seem to be averaging only 1200 cals a day... Also, my protien avg's closer to 40%, with fat at 50-55% and carbs at 5-10%. I have done my BMR thingy and it says that my need is 1763 cals. So, with a deficit of over 500, I should be a stick right now!! not holding steady, right? I should try to get more, closer to only being in a 300+ deficit I think... how to add cals -- with cheesecake :) :) :) ?

      I am finding it tough to keep the fat percentage higher than the protien; but, I think the extensive protien is what is giving me the tight jaw feeling.. Also, is it unusual to feel 'winded' or 'cloudy' during induction?

      If I do a small amt of nuts and fruit this coming week, keeping my carbs lower than 25; could this continue my loss. Or, because I do not have extensive pounds to lose, maybe I need to be more aggressive and just be happy with my cheesecake treat sans nuts and strawberries :(
    • Re: Question

      KAS you're not eating enough, when you did your BMR did you also add your activity multiplier? Put it this way I am a short ass at 161.5 cm yet I got down to 55kg (120ish lbs) eating a minimum of 1500 calories per day. Are you exercising?

      Frakenfoods shouldn't be part of induction so I would ditch them for now. As for net carbs on these bars, how you absorb sugar alcohols is individual and most people find they absorb a lot more then the wrapper tells them so be wary of their carb count.

      Hmm I'd probably be tempted to stick with induction for one more week but it's up to you.
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