Low Carb Lasagne

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    • Low Carb Lasagne

      I found this lasagna recipe on the net somewhere. It might of even been this forum.

      It does take a little preparation but it is something different.

      Instead of using sheets of pasta in the lasagna you make an egg layer to replace it. To do this you need about 6 large eggs. Mix with this 6 tablespoons of cold water and mix thoroughly.

      Next, get a 10" frying pan and spray it with some non stick magic spray. Not sure how this would go in a non stick base. You need to get 50ml of the egg mix and tip it into the pan. Make sure it is covering the base of the pan but not really up the sides and put it on the stove element.

      Let it cook away until the sides of the egg start to lift from the pan. To test this use a butter knife to lift it a little, if it rips it isn't ready. Use an egg flip to flip the egg over to the other side. Cook for a minute or so and remove to a plate.

      Repeat this 6 times to get enough to do the lasagna.

      I have pictures of this process so you can get a better idea. Will post after.

      So the ingredients:

      Crepe (lasagna layers)
      6 eggs for the crepe - 1.8

      Tomato sauce

      Some olive oil - 0
      1 can of chopped tomato - find the lowest carb one.Mine was 12.4 carbs
      1/4 cup of onion - 2.8
      A hand full of parsley leaves chopped
      Salt and Pepper to taste

      Cheese Sauce

      1 tub ricotta cheese ( I used a 250ml version) - 9
      1 egg - 0.3


      500g beef mince - 0

      Cheese also used

      70g mozzarella - 2.5
      120g tasty cheese - 4

      Optional - Spinach. You would need to work out how much you added etc.

      Total carbs 32.8
      Cut into 1/4 which would be a pretty large serve - 8.2 carbs

      So, you have your egg sheets.

      Sauté some onion in a little olive oil. Add to this the can of tomatoes. Simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

      Brown the mince in a pot and drain off the fat. Season to taste. Let cool down.

      Mix the ricotta cheese with 1 egg in a bowl.

      Grab a baking dish about 9x13 inches. Put some tomato sauce in the bottom and lay 2 egg sheets over the top. On this put your ricotta cheese mixture. Lay another layer of egg sheet over this. Spread the browned beef onto this sheet and cover with the tomato sauce. sprinkle this with mozzarella sauce and cover with another layer of egg sheets. Finally cover the top layer with the tasty cheese.

      Dot the top of the lasagna with some small butter pieces.

      Cover with foil and bake at 190 degrees until the top of the lasagna is bubbling. Remove the foil and bake till the top is brown.


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    • Re: Low Carb Lasagne

      The egg mixture poored into the pan. You dont want to poor it in hot as with only 50ml of liquid it wont cover the whol pan. Also, when cooking 6 or so at a time, I ended up running the pan under cold water between each one to cool it down for the next egg poor.

      As you can see I am able to lift the egg mixture without it tearing. Time to grab the egg flip! Notice the brown colouring around the edges of the egg. A sure sign it is ready for a flippin.

      The flipped version.

      Here I am getting the crepe out of the pan. No tearing etc. Just plop it onto a plate ready for use.

      This is my tomato sauce mixture simmering away.