Bodytrim V Atkins?

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    • Re: Bodytrim V Atkins?

      Sherrie wrote:

      Scribe if you're only eating 3 meals are they bigger then when you were eating 6 meals?

      Probably not, Sherrie, but I've added fats back in. I eat the skin on my chicken now, cook in coconut oil (not spray), have cream in coffee and sauces if I want to, eat cheese... all yummy! :D

      I know you'll probably tell me my calories are too low (lol!), but three well balanced meals is a big step up from the one pig out meal a day I existed on before I started this WOL.

      Thanks mum! ;) :D
    • Re: Bodytrim V Atkins?

      The reason cheat meals/days once a week don't affect the weight loss is because it's not about each day, but rather what is balanced out over the week. You have a day where you can eat more, but then the next day you are eating meat only, or less (carbs).

      The human body isn't designed to go off the rails if we should happen to binge one day or eat something we shouldn't. We evolved to be opportunistic eaters, first as nomads eating as we went, which meant eating whatever came to hand. We also went through feast and famine eating, depending what was available and what part of the year it was.

      Where the cheat meals become an issue is for someone who then uses them to justify continuing with "cheats". If it remains the one day a week thing it's supposed to be, it won't count. Since this mimics how we evolved to eat in the beginning, a diet programme that includes this is not a scam. The problem for most of us in western countries if we have too much food available all the time, we never switch off the feast cycle and click into the famine.

      I'm not doing BT I can only go by what people say here. Maybe BT will turn out to be a scam one day but if it's working for people, then that's what counts.
    • Re: Bodytrim V Atkins?

      Very interesting reading this post, got a bit heated there a bit but still informative.

      I agree that is it a personal thing. Different "diets" or eating plans do work for some when they clearly do not work for others.

      Reasons for why people are overwieght are as varied as the ways to lose the wieght.

      I have personally do and had success on a variety of things such as Jenny Craig, Lite n Easy, Fit for Life, Body Trim etc etc. I do not feel any of these are "scams" All of these DID work at the time.

      The "Scams" are the things that promise "take this pill" "drink this drink" "sprinkle this on your food" ... and yes I have done dome of these as well.

      All comes down to what is happening for the person. If your reason for being fat is becasue you are always hungry and you eat and eat and the Dr gives you appititate supressants you get thin because then wonderful. I know a friend who did this and she had a wonderful life changing experience and as a result she is still thin an healthy years later.

      I personally am fat because I do not eat any where enough food. I am not hungry and can go for half a day without eating. Therefore appititate supressants will not work. (not that I am promoting the use of these)

      I had great success on Jenny Craig to the point that I was hired and became the top seller of the program within my district.

      the reason it worked for me was that it made me eat regularly and gave me the quantity to eat. I do not do it again now simply becasue of the cost.

      With Body Trim I have had success. It helped me to retrain my body to eat through out the day. I wake up ready for food which is wonderful because I would not eat til 2 in the afternoon. And this was a very quick responce.

      The reason why it did not work was my emotional dramas. I am fat because I am not balanced and happy in my life. I have decided to do Atkins for a while now because even though I know that the "free" day woth BT is about adding more carbs and having a treat NOT a full out bindge day ... this is what it ends up being. ANd to be truthful, I would go 4 days and want something and just go ok well I will have an early "free" day ...

      SO until I get on top of the emotional reasons for my eating I will go with Atkins where it is just the way of life. Instead of having a free day I will simply enjoy life. If I am invited to a wedding or something then I will eat some cake and enjoy the food on offer and becasue this is not a regular thing then it will not be an issue.

      BT has tought me a lot about Protien and Atikins has tought me about Veggies. I think they are both great programs. It comes down to your personal interpretation of what is being layed out and what your personal circumstances are.

      So for me now ... Atkins but I will keep my BT and will consider using it from time to time to mix things up.
      "Today I take 100% Responsibility for My Life! I control my actions, thoughts, reactions and feelings."

      >><> the incredible shrinking Cherie
    • Re: Bodytrim V Atkins?

      Hi Cherie Pie, I liked your post. I think it is great for people to chose the system that works for them. I've just started BT and I'm really excited. I would like to know how you go over time with alternating the BT and Atkins. Sounds like a great idea to me and I think I'll have a look into the Atkins diet to see if it would be an option for me