Hello from James in Brisbane

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    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      pubba wrote:

      Last night I cooked an awesome fish chowder style soup - very creamy! zero carbs and tasted awesome. I served it with steamed cabbage and it was great.

      OK now James you have to give us the recipe :D

      pubba wrote:

      Cooking up a big slow cooker pot of lamb shanks with tinned tomatos, onion, olives and vege stock - the house smells great!

      Careful with the tomato & onion they can be quite carby if you use too much.

      pubba wrote:

      JulieH - we can eat cheesecake??? Is this the best diet ever? haha Please send me the link

      Not all cheesecakes are induction friendly but you're sure to find some nice ones here.


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    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hi James, and welcome to Pinch. Thank you so much for your fish chowder recipe, I love fish, just returned from a Christmas holiday with my parents who live in Latvia and they just LOVE THAT FISH. Let me know if you want to make gravlax, it's awesome as a low carb snack stand-by.
    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hey Suzie if she doesn't see it, pop in to her diary. she has been very crook so shes probably swamped and may not see it. :)
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    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hello! Well.. it's been a long time between posts. Hope you are all happy and well.

      2008 was an awful year, and one that I would rather try to forget. I lost my dear Dad in November and had a lot of problems finding work due to the economic problems.

      So, I went a bit downhill after all that and stopped doing the LC thing. Comfort eating is a bad habit of mine, but one that I acknowledge and aim to overcome!

      I started a LC lifestyle again 3 weeks ago and it's been going well so far. A big issue now is that my nephew who I share a house with has sever allergic reaction to eggs and nuts (including almonds..) so my food options are a bit more limited this time round.

      Haven't weighed myself but I was around 122kgs when I started. As of today, I'm down almost 1 belt hole (about 3/4 of an inch).

      This time around I'm not expecting a miracle cure or 'get rich quick' style of change. I'm doing this long term and am prepared to stick with it for at least a year. I'm 122kgs now and want to get down to at least 90kgs.

      Glad to rediscover this thread. I have a lot of reading up to do!

      Any Brisbane folks know somewhere I can buy baking mixes? I see there is a chocolate muffin low carb mix for sale online for about $10 that makes 8 muffins. Very tempted!!
    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hey James :)

      I am really sorry about your dad :(

      The one think with bake mixes is that they usually require eggs, are you able to do that at home?
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      :o Hi Sherrie and James,
      I just received an email that this thread had been posted on. Its nice to catch up again.
      James its sad when we lose a parent. I lost my Dad five years ago and that took its toll. The next year was losing my Mum, the next my special friend who was like a sister, then her sister the year after.. Thank goodness I have had some space from losing loved ones.
      I guess James what I am saying is that I sympathise with you really do. Everyone takes different time lengths to grieve and you should do this.
      Chat anytime or pm me..
      Now the cakes. There are eggless recipes on the net, and if you are making your own recipe then you can be sure of what goes in the cake and you can cut out the eggs and the nuts .
      Its so nice to catch up with you SHERRIE, JAMES and anyone else that pops in... Enjoy the rest of the week, stay safe, warm and hey be happy.
      Suzie and her Girls. xxx:):D
    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hey Suzie :)

      How are you going?

      You just reminded me of a thread, let me go find it!

      Ah finally found it:

      Homemade, Low Carb Egg Replacer Recipes
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Hello from James in Brisbane

      Hi you guys :) Nice to catch up again isn't it?

      In some ways, I think that I am still grieving. Dad was such a wonderful guy. He was loved by so many people. When I was growing up he was always the youth leader at our church and then became a wardie at the local hospital about 10 years ago and touched many lives in his work there.

      It really warmed my heart when hundreds of people showed up at Dads place after he passed away and built a brand new deck for his house. It was one of Dads dreams to get it done. The materials were donated by the local Bunnings and it was on the local news etc.

      Big shoes to fill! I know he was concerned about my weight so that's another motivator for me - imagining him seeing me change my life like this.

      Anyway - enough dramarama from me. I'm just unloading a little here :)

      Sherrie - thanks for that great link! I've really enjoyed cooking these last few weeks. I missed that when I was in Taiwan and then Thailand. It's just cheaper (and easier!) to eat out every day when i was living there. A huge delicious meal of Thai food for 90 cents ... Loved it. Unfortunately a lot of the food there has copious amounts of sugar in it..

      I had another idea - I can cook egg recipes at my friends house and then bring them here and keep them separated. I'll do that later this week after I go shopping. Have already ordered some almond meal and stevia from kombu wholefoods in preparation.