another question - LC and Asian food

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    • another question - LC and Asian food

      Hello all,

      Am still finding my feet with the LC and having a bit of trouble with one aspect - my social life! I have spent a few years living in Asia and many of my friends are from China/Japan/Korea/Indonesia and (of course) most of the food they prepare or that we might eat out has rice or noodles as the main dish. While it's possible (although rather rude) to eat the meat and vegies part, it still has sauces, etc, which probably contain sugar and flour.

      Of course, I'm not eating out every day of my life and what I eat usually means more than the occasional feast at someone's house, but does anyone have any ideas? Even a bit of sympathy?

      Thanks again,
    • Re: another question - LC and Asian food


      I love my chinese and asian food. DH says I was asian in a past life, I could easily live on it. Not that I've had much lately. So I do sympathise with you.

      You can go with egg drop soup. Meat and vege stirfrys, but dont go mongolian or sweet and sour, they have heaps of sugar. Hmm what else. Thai style curries should be fine.

      No low carb, but I've found sushi rolls to actually decrease my blood sugar levels, I think its the vinegar in the rice.

      Sorry I cant help more.
    • Re: another question - LC and Asian food

      Hi Pudding, l love asian food - especially vietnamese and thai - and have just come back from a 3 week holiday in Vietnam. We eat a lot of stirfries at home - usually lemongrass, oyster, and blackbean sauces. I take care to use low carb prepared sauces - spend a lot of time reading labels in the supermarket, or I make my own so I know what is in it.
      I dont eat the rice. I find this helps reduce the carb loading even more cos the rice usually soaks up the stirfry sauce. So the rest of the family have noodles or rice with their meal and I just have the stirfry.
      I include a lot of bok choy, English spinach, chinese cabbage etc which are very low carb and full of leafy green goodness.
      I did have some trouble staying away from rice and noodles in Vietnam - hey how can you be there and not have Pho (the national noodle dish) - and did add a kilo over the 3 weeks, but I lost it and a whole lot more the week I came back.
      Korean, Vietnamese and Thai soups are usually great to have - if you have without the noodles they are very low carb. I make a great seafood soup also with bok choy and chinese cabbage.
      And curries are great, particularly now with low carb you can use full fat coconut milk - look for the lowest carb count on the labels. I usually love a very hot curry but find that because I now dont have rice with it, I have to tone it down a bit (my daughter is much happier now).
      So enjoy your asian food with low carbs - I am eating more of it now that I am low carbing, just tweaking the recipes a bit.
      Still have trouble staying away from Singapore noodles tho :(
      Hope this helps
      cheers Hen
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      I used to find TOM YUM and chicken and cashews had little effect on me. Also some of the girls here used to eat their curries on top of a coleslaw mix (without the dressing). There is a curry stall in China Town in Adelaide whom serve a type of blanched cabbage/carrot mix with their curries, its yum.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: another question - LC and Asian food

      Wow, thanks everyone, I was really stuck for a while. ScrappyKat, I know, I think I must have been Asian in another life too! It sucks that all my Asian friends are so tiny, as well (I'm 175cm, so I feel huge next to them anyway, without needing to lose tons of weight).

      Hen, how fabulous! I'd love to visit Vietnam. Of course you need to taste the local delicacies!

      I'm picking up Atkins 2002 tomorrow - the recent heatwave in Melbourne has meant that I've done absolutely nothing all week (except stagger to work and back). So I'm looking forward to getting started properly.

      Thanks again everyone!

      PS: Hen, how are you doing in the heat/fires? And everyone else in the SE of Australia? Hope you are all ok.
    • Re: another question - LC and Asian food

      Lovely cool change today here thanks Pud. I am quite near the fires and a couple of friends have had to evacuate. Have heard that one family's house is ok - just singed on outside, but havent heard about the other one yet. Its good to know it is almost over. We get so many fires here in Gippsland.
      cheers Hen
    • Re: another question - LC and Asian food

      I know it's hard when you eat out to control what is being served, but perhaps you could introduce your friends to Shirataki noodles. I just discovered them myself, and they are AWESOME! The are made of soluble fibre, so no net carbs, no calories at all! They take like nothing themselves, but take on the flavour of whatever you put on them. I just had pesto for the first time since going low-carb :) I live in Jakarta where a lot of prepared low-carb food is unavailable or ridiculously expensive. Luckily, these noodles cost only about 50 cents a package here!