Sam's Prawn Curry

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    • Sam's Prawn Curry

      Well here's the prawn recipe if anyone interested:-

      Sam's Prawn Curry

      Green prawns I use the frozen green banana prawns from the fish shop....probably 1 and abit kilos frozen. I boil the kettle and pour over the frozen prawns to defrost.
      1 small onion sliced
      garlic and ginger crushed and diced.
      1 red chilli
      1 stalk of celery
      1/4 capsicum diced
      1 bunch of spinach washed drained and chopped.
      1 tspn of bottled lemon grass.
      1 tspn of sambal olek
      2 tblspn of fish oil
      Coconut cream 500grams
      2 '' '' soya
      peanut oil
      olive oil for
      salt and pepper

      after the prawns have defrosted drain in a colinander.

      Meanwhile pour some oil in a wok heat and add onion stir and then..add ginger, garlic, chilli, capscicum, celery...stir through.
      Add your sauces stir through well
      Add your prawns and cook on a high heat....when prawns turn red add chopped spinach and lemon grass....and lower heat.
      Add coconut cream last and stir through other ingredients.
      drizzle some sesame oil in at the end.

      Serve hot in a bowl with some chopped corinander.

      Daisy you can buy coconut cream from any supermarket it's usually in the asian aisle...hubby bought the one I used from an Indian grocers when he was picking up coconut oil. Remember full cream. Oh the prawn dish was very sweet lovely, rich and fulling, flavours were like a thai curry.