Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

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    • Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

      Here is a recipe I have been cooking for years and have just realised it is also quite low carb . It serves 2 .

      Ingredients :

      500 gms blade steak , cut into chunks ( or whatever steak is cheapest at the time)
      1 large onion - diced
      2 cloves of garlic (but can use as many as you like)
      2.5 cm piece of grated fresh ginger
      2 beef stock cubes
      2 cups boiling water
      4 teas. ground cummin
      2 teas. ground turmeric
      2 teas. poppy seeds
      2 teas. mustard
      1-3 teas of minced chilli ( you can use as much as you like , I use approx 2 teas an is quite hot , but adjust as you go )
      3 teas. Ghee

      Method :
      In a large saucepan heat ghee , once melted add onions , garlic and ginger . Cook for about 2 mins then add beef and brown slightly . Then add crumbled stock cubes to boiling water ( I use seperate jug ) , add cummin, turmeric , poppy seeds , mustard and chilli. Stir until stock cubes are dissolved , then add to meat mixture . Allow to boil then turn down to a low simmer and cover . I usually cook this for about 4 hours but just make sure that you cook it on a low simmer , stir every 30 mins or so , (I think this would be great in a slow cooker but you would have to reduce the water by half) . When meat is tender then it is ready , this should not need thickening but if it is still too watery then remove lid , turn up heat slightly and it will thicken naturally . Add more water along the way if needed.

      I serve it with Basmati Rice , Pappadums , Naan bread for my family but of course leave this off my plate . I will have it tonight with some LC vegies . Non Low carbers can enjoy it with condiments of :
      chopped peeled diced cucumber and natural yoghurt ,
      banana slices covered in coconut ,
      Chopped tomato and onion ( which is fine for a LC diet )
      Mango Chutney .

      Hope those who try it love it as much as I do , just wish I had of thought to make it earlier , might become a staple again for me now that I have realised how LC it is :D


      Small steps to a healthy we go

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    • Re: Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

      Thanks so much for this easy curry recipe Daisy :)

      I've made it twice now and it has turned out so yummy both times - I wanted
      to come back here and say thanks - it's now one of my favourites :D

      I substituted chicken for beef as I don't eat red meat.
      My OH just loves his red meat so I will make a beef curry just for him next week.
    • Re: Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

      So glad that you enjoyed it , it is a really nice curry and simple to make as well . I also like it with chicken , to make a quicker and easier version I use shredded BBQ chicken .

      Thanks for your feedback , nice to know that someone else likes curries as much as me :D


      Small steps to a healthy we go
    • Re: Indian Beef Curry - LC of course


      I was looking for this recipe so i could let Kezzah know of it and it took me ages to find . i obviously did not put it under the beef recipe section . If you are able would you be able to move it over for me .

      Thanks Sherrie , much appreciated .

      :) Daisy

      Small steps to a healthy we go
    • Re: Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

      Ok done :)

      You did the right thing posting your recipe into it's own thread as that is how I prefer it. That way the conversations are contained to the subject and not mixed with others plus also if I ever decide to put sub forums/instead of main threads in the recipe section then this will suit nicely.

      To make recipes easier you can add tags (keywords) to your recipe. The tag option is at the bottom of each thread and anyone can add tags to a thread. Then when you do a search you can search for a particular keyword and find it that way. I have added some tags for this thread for you. If you scroll down you will see the first keyword I chose was beef recipes so if you add beef recipes to any beef recipe thread you can find these again by doing a search for the tag beef recipes. I also added a more specific tag indian beef curry.

      to search for tags just do an advanced search and go to the search options area and put in the tag where it says search by tag and that's it.
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    • Re: Indian Beef Curry - LC of course

      This looks good but I'm missing the poppy seeds. Do they add much do you think? Is the mustard just normal yellow english mustard powder or something different?
      I'd have it with cauliflower rice. I have all my curries with cauli rice.:D