chocholate tarts filled with lemon curd

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    • chocholate tarts filled with lemon curd

      short pastry type thing, with the bake mix, (1 cup soy 2 cups protein 2 tsp of baking powder), 1 cup of that about 2 tbsp butter rubbed through, mix in 1 egg, and 1 tbsp of coco powder, you should have a nice dough, place in fridge to rest, roll out, between gladwrap and bake till crisp 180 degrees about 15 i think,

      um ok
      lemon curd,
      6 eggs yolks.
      120g butter cubed
      1/2 cup sweetener you may need to adjust, to your liking ,
      1/2 cup lemon juice,

      wisk eggs yolks and sugar together over a double boiler, till thick,slowly add bits of butter while still wisking, continue till all butter is used, drizzle in lemon juice, still beating, should be think and lucious, allow to cool, place in chocholate cups.

      the curd is a bit of an effort, but well worth it and you will have left over to put on pancakes, or muffins, ect.