Fish time - not for induction.

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    • Fish time - not for induction.

      Fish is something I quite enjoy from time to time and I figured I could work it into my rotation of foods eaten.

      I am generally a little scared of cooking fish as it is not something I normally cook so I was a little apprehensive about my dinner tonight. I went to my local fish shop and bought some Hoki which is basically the fish you get at a take away.

      It was frozen so I thawed it out ready for cooking. The previous week I had also bought and cooked Bassa (yuk), bream and snapper. The bream and snapper I bought from a fish outlet place at my local super market and they tasted bland so I think they were old and had been frozen for a while.

      Bassa is a farmed fish from Thailand and is shipped around the world as frozen fillets. Also, I am sure, the water quality where they are bred is probably quite low. Anyway, the Bassa fillet tasted nothing like fish, it really had no taste at all. Steer clear!

      I also bought some Panko bread crumbs which reading the label were 74 grams of carbs per hundred [Blocked Image:].

      First up I patted the fillet dry, basically laid it on some flour, then into an egg dip which was a whisk of 1 egg, and 2 TBS of water with a pinch of salt. Then in to the Panko bread crumbs and into the fridge for a 10 minute rest. Usually I leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes for crumb but I was in a hurry.

      I heated up some olive oil in my fry pan and shallow fried the fish turning it over a few times. I have to say it tasted great. Much like a fish ordered from a take away but without the batter.

      The Panko crumbs: Yes, they are basically 74% carbs and I generally shy away from anything that high in carbs no matter what. But that is per hundred. I measured out 20 grams of crumbs, and probably used the majority of that. So that comes to 14.8 carbs. The crumbs cost me $3.60 for 200 grams, so using 20 grams per shot I will get 10 uses out of it or 36c per fish which is not bad.

      Now in induction you should be sticking to 20 carbs per day. So this is probably not a goer for someone on induction. But for someone who is maintaining etc, this is still a good carb hit I think.

      Here is a pic of the result. - which is half the fish as I cut it and shared it with the wife.
      [Blocked Image:]

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