Artificial Sweetner Intolerance?

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    • Artificial Sweetner Intolerance?

      Hi there

      I have a couple of questions that I hope someone here can help me with.

      Since having my 3rd baby 14 weeks ago via c-section, I get daily cramps in my stomachs, shakes and lightheadedness.

      I have been to my doctor, and there is nothing to indicate the surgery may have caused this, my blood work is all normal (inc BSL, thyroid and iron) and I am in otherwise in good health (though overweight).

      I am beginning to suspect that I have an intolerance to artificial sweetners, just going on when symptoms seems to occur relative to what I've eaten/drunk, but as I say this has only been since I had bub, can these things just 'start' one day out of the blue?

      I am suspecting an intolerance because the reaction is very similar to what happens when I eat avocado in any form. I've never had an allergy test, but for as long as I can remember I have had bad cramps, dizziness and even vomitting upon eating avocado, so I just avoid it now. I've even been fed it without being aware of it being there and still reacted the same, so it's not pyschological!!

      So my question is, is an intolerance to artificial sweetners possible? Do people get it? Does anyone here have it and how do you know? (Is it just process of elimination?)

      Could it be anything else?

      Finally, can anyone point me in the direction of some good, factual research on the topic? I have googled it but of course google can be a minefield of propaganda if you don't know where to look (and I don't!) so I'm staying away from there just for now!

      Many thanks :)
    • Re: Artificial Sweetner Intolerance?

      Wowzah you can have an intolerance or allergy to practically anything, whether you breathe it, eat it, drink it, smell it, put it on your hair/skin etc

      Sometimes intolerance's can appear when our systems are down from something stressful, during hormonal changes etc If you suspect intolerance's to sweeteners, take them out as it is the best way to find out.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Artificial Sweetner Intolerance?

      I have an intolerance to artificial sweeteners, so spend my life reading labels to make sure nothing I eat contains them. Sneaky food manufacturers sneak them into almost everything these days!

      The chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet (like phenylalanine) give me severe migraines. The sugar alcohols give me IBS. My body just doesn't cope with fake sugars.

      So its definitely possible, they could be causing your symptoms. Maybe try an elimination diet of sorts to confirm your suspicions.
    • Re: Artificial Sweetner Intolerance?

      Artificial sweeteners are nasty stuff and you shouldn't be using them anyway. ;)

      Splenda has chlorination byproducts in it that make it a chemical cousin of DDT and agent orange. According to a recent study at Duke University, it also kills beneficial gut flora. Because it's not natural, of course you can have a sensitivity to it. As Sherrie suggested, you can even have sensitivities to natural whole foods. If you search for splenda on, you'll find plenty of cases of awful symptoms caused by splenda.

      Aspartame is even worse!

      If you absolutely need a sweetener, consider using stevia.