TOLL ROADS or CITY LINK in Melbourne - HELP!!!

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    • TOLL ROADS or CITY LINK in Melbourne - HELP!!!

      Hi all :D

      I'm thinking of driving over to Melbourne sadly for a funeral.

      I need to get to Hyde Road in Yarraville. I'll be going from Adelaide through Ballarat.

      Anyone know if I can do this easily without using a road i have to pay for??? I've been looking at maps and Yarraville is surrounded by Western Freeway, Western Ring Road, West Gate Freeway, Docklands Highway .... WAHHHHH me is confused :confused: I'm so glad i live in Adelaide!!!

      If you go on any of these roads for even a second do you get charged? i can see me taking a wrong turn and getting in a right state :mad:

      Anyone an expert on this as it's mind boggling to me!

      I'm just home from a double shift and have a drive to the country tomorrow and need to get to bed so i'm hoping someone can help.

      Cheers everyone :D
      Start date AGAIN August 24 2010

      Cazza xx
    • Re: TOLL ROADS or CITY LINK in Melbourne - HELP!!!

      Hi Cazza

      I'll try and help. Melbourneites will know more.

      Western Freeway is not a toll. Western Ring Road is not a toll. West Gate Freeway is not a toll. Dont know where in Yarraville you need to go but when you are on the west gate, coming into Melbourne get off on the Williamstown road and find your way from there.

      Or to really confuse you. Stay on the Western Freeway which becomes the Ballarat Road, turn right at Moore St (which is opp Flemington Racecourse) turn left onto Dynon road and then right onto Whitehall Stree and it takes you straight to Yarraville.

      Good luck :)
    • Re: TOLL ROADS or CITY LINK in Melbourne - HELP!!!

      Hi Cazza

      I live in Melbourne and I still find it confusing:( But I am pretty sure the directions Jill has given you are correct. Just keep off citylink, that is the only road with a toll.

      Go to or and type in your start and destination and you get a really good description of which turnoffs to take etc. It even has maps for each section of the journey. I find these really helpful to print out when I am going somewhere different.
      Hope this helps