Pinned Time Saving Hints for Low Carb Eating *links updated*

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    • Measuring butter

      I've started buying butter in sticks with the 50g incrememnts on the paper for recipes that require measuring the butter.
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    • To keep the opened tomato paste from going mouldy in the fridge place it into icecube trays and freeze.

      Same thing can be done with other liquids like lemon, lime juice, passionfruit pulp, curry pastes etc...
      You can also freeze their peel.

      Herbs, chop dry herbs and freeze in small portions.

      Same thing with leftover cooked meat. You can also crisp up bacon and freeze in portions ready for when you make a salad.

      You can do the same thing with berries or you can buy them from the supermarket frozen. I've also bought passionfruit from the frozen foods section which is already packaged in smaller portions for dressing cheesecake.
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    • You know those frozen rasberries, blueberries and passionfruit pulp you get in the supermarket?

      Well a little while ago I found they have frozen strawberries now, so I bought some for just incase. That day came last week when I ran out of fruit to add to my yoghurt so I defrosted a small amount on the counter and mixed some yoghurt and cream in with just a touch of sweetness ;)

      I've done this before with the frozen rasberries and didn't like it but with the strawberries it was great, lots of flavour!

      Plus it was only $2 something for 300g so definately a good price!

      Ofcourse these would be no good for decorating or anything that requires a firm strawberry but for things like mixing into cheesecake, cream, yoghurt etc... it is great!

      Give it a try!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Oh and whilst cooking dinner I remembered another tip I was going to share. Its actually from Jamie oliver,,,

      When you use fresh rosemary, keep the stalks as they make great skewers for cooking, I have a bunch in the freezer ready!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Time Saving Hints for Low Carb Eating *links updated*

      i know what you mean i am sick of bacon and eggs too. I have been having an Atkins shake sometimes with flax oil for a bit of variety. Once youre not in the induction phase of Atkins, the low carb pancakes are ok and i tried the blueberry breaky pudding that i found on here. You could also make some oopsie rolls and put your bacon and eggs in that and have an egg and bacon roll. There are also the Atkins breaky bars which are quite nice, but are pricey. Good luck, hope this helps, feel free to give me any breaky tips that you come across because breaky has become my hardest meal. Facing eggs in the morning is a bit much some days.
    • Re: RECIPES

      molly wrote:


      Umm I like to start off my morning with yoghurt and bran(scoop and a half) or to mix it up sometimes I'll have cottage cheese or tofu with some stevia...I like 'cool' things in the morning so these are my fav kickstarts to the day ^^ To save time I just chuck em in little containers and bring a spoon in my bag for the train!!
    • Re: RECIPES

      Ok old thread but here are my time savers in the kitchen...

      Breakfast -
      1. I made a big batch of psyllium/coconut/almond pancakes and freeze them in bunches of 4 wrapped in paper towel in a big freezer bag. When I want pancakes all I need to do it pop a packet (still wrapped in paper) into the microwave.
      2. I discovered that using my flat hotplate panini press is a FANTASTIC cooking appliance as it applies heat from below and up top. I put in slices of bacon and they are done in under 2 minutes and perfectly crispy. It renders heaps of the fat out which I then scramble my eggs in right on the panini plate. All you need to do is wipe it off and your cleanup is done.
      3. By the way I cook all my pancakes on the panini press too I just prop it open enough to contact the top of the pancake and they cook both sides at once in next to no time.

      1. I shop once a week. When I get the groceries home I wash all of the veggies and let them dry then cut most of them up and pop them into containers in the fridge for the week. Most veggies will store really well this way. Here are the ones that store particularly well for me - celery, onion, spring onion, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, cabbage, capsicum, tomatoes, silverbeet spinach, radishes. I also wash and spin my loose lettuce. All I need to do in the morning to pack my lunch is pull out the containers and throw what I want into my lunch box.
      2. Boiled eggs also store really well in the fridge for the week: consider doing a batch of them on sunday night so you can just throw one into your salad. By the way I just discovered you can make perfectly boiled eggs in your pressure cooker in 2 minutes! Due to the pressure the egg separates from the shell and they are SUPER easy to peel!
      3. I also have jars of: pickles, olives, sundried tomato/capsicum that I can add to my salad for extra flavour... you dont need much but it really makes a difference!
      4. Once again the panini press is a godsend I make a dough from psyllium/dessicated coconut/water and whatever flavourings you like. Put a big dollop on the panini press and press and cook the dough for about a minute. It makes perfectly thin wraps that you can fill and toast further or fill and eat as is. These are really cheap and you can make a large batch and freeze them really easily. When I am really craving carby food I do a wrap with butter vegemite and cheese and toast it till the cheese is melted. amazing! They will also provide you with your fibre for the day lol
      5. I keep a stock of the following in the cupboard that are easy to grab and go: little tuna/salmon/chicken tins, those hot rocket salami sticks, cheese sticks, almonds, smoked oysters, and extra jars of pickles, olives and roasted capsicum/tomato.
      6. By the way did you know that the best thing you can have to beat a sugar craving is actually a pickle? The acidity kills the craving, try it sometime :)
      7. Soups are a great thing to have frozen in small ziplock bags, you can just grab them and go in the morning and defrost and reheat at work.

      1. Most weeks I will buy a whole chicken. I usually debone it (takes a bit of practice but well worth it!) and save the carcass in the freezer along with any odds and ends I chop off the veggies that I cut up at the start of the week to make fantastic and VERY cheap chicken stock in the slow/pressure cooker. I will usually dry rub the chicken meat that is left with a selection of herbs and bake it along with some low carb veggies. This makes a great Sunday dinner and there are leftovers for the week to throw into lunches or snack on. And there is no waste!
      2. On the weekend I also make a large low carb moussaka/lasagne style dish. I use DIY sliced roasted eggplant instead of the 'lasagne pasta sheets', smooth ricotta mixed with an egg and some seasoning for the 'cheese sauce', and turkey mince with diced celery/onion/tomato paste and seasonings for the 'meat sauce'. Just layer these three ingredients and top with a small amount of cheese and bake. I do a large batch and this lasts us monday-friday in the fridge but you can freeze in portions if you prefer. We grab this for quick lunch, snack or dinner whenever we dont have time to cook.
      3. I buy those big packets of frozen white fish from Aldi to keep in the freezer. These cook from frozen really nicely and super fast (4-5 mins) on the panini press. I press it down so they cook from both sides then when they are just about cooked through I add some butter/herbs/garlic or some teriyaki sauce and give them another minute. Serve with a salad of some steamed veg.
      4. Occasionally I will buy a bulk lot of chicken thighs and dice them up and portion in ziplock bags for the freezer. They are VERY handy to have ready prepared to throw into soups or defrost and cook.
      5. I also buy a few kilos of chicken drumsticks. I do a smoky bbq rub on them along with some low sugar tomato sauce, dijon mustard, liquid smoke, minced garlic and minced onion. Marinate and then pop in the freezer in individual portions. They are ready to pop in the oven when you need a quick mean and they dont take too long to cook. They are also an awesome crowd pleaser!
      6. If you want a quick low carb soup on a cold night then egg drop (egg flower) soup is fantastic. This is an awesome use of the homemade chicken stock that I make with the leftover veg ends and chicken carcass. I usually add some extras like spinach or prawns etc to bulk it up a bit.
      7. Cauliflower pizza crust also freezes really well once it is cooked, so consider making a large batch of 'mini' pizzas for the freezer. I usually keep a salami or cured meat in the fridge for quick pizzas.

      1. I make up 2x sugarfree jelly at the beginning of the week. Great to have on hand when you feel like dessert.
      2. I keep smooth ricotta in the fridge which is yummy mixed with some frozen berries, cottees diet chocolate syrup/queen sugarfree maple syrup/gloriajeans sugarfree syrup. This little concoction is also awesome on top of your low carb pancakes!
      3. My favourite low carb dips - black swan: olive dip, spinach dip, egg salad dip and eggplant dip. Great to have with your precut celery/cucumber/capsicum.
      4. mr mm and I each have a small stash of SF lollies in our desk drawers. I also have a bar of sugarfree peppermint crisp chocolate in my drawer for when it is TTOM!
      5. I am not a massive fan of protein powder/bars/balls etc I would rather eat real food but mr mm keeps some of these things on hand for quick snacks when he is feeling a bit deprived.
      6. I am a massive fan of scrambled eggs or omelette cooked in butter as a snack as they are super fast and fill you up.
      7. When I have the oven on I will also knock up a batch of flax crackers with sea salt and dried parsley. These are great to have on hand and they store for a month+ in an airtight container or ziplock in the cupboard. I find flax meal pretty expensive so I mostly only used it to make crackers and they are well worth it! You can also so a sweet version of these with cinnamon/ginger/sweetener to have like a wafer with a cup of tea/coffee.

      Can you tell I have been doing this for a while haha! I am sure I have some more quick shortcuts so I will add them as I think of them
      Hope this helps someone out there in low carb land ;)
    • Re: RECIPES

      Wow such a great post and you're so organised, I am soo the opposite lately!!!!

      The pannini press is that like a flat sandwhich maker? Garry found a cast iron one last year which I have yet to use but he loves it.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: RECIPES

      Hh I would LOVE a cast iron one! I love cast iron cookwear gives the old arm muscles a bit of a workout too haha

      Mine is just a cheap sandwich press that I have had for years. It definitely needs to have flat plates though.
      They are seriously wonderful things and shouldn't be just limited to making toasted sandwiches ;)
    • Re: RECIPES

      I don't eat sandwiches which is why I don't use it but you have reminded me that it can be used for other things. One of our old members (zedgirl) used to use them to make wraps if memory serves correct. The cast iron one we have is a modern one, I'll ask Garry where he got it from, I know it was from somewhere online, wasn't pricey either.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: RECIPES

      another quick tip is using yaki nori (toasted seaweed wrappers for sushi) to wrap up all sorts of delicious fillings for lunch, I think this is going to be a staple for my packed lunches this year! my favourite fillings are...
      shaved radishes
      enoki mushroom
      tuna paste (tinned tuna, green onion, mayo)
      teriyaki chicken (chicken breast slices pan fried and tossed through a small amount of terikayi/soy)
      pickled ginger (find a low sugar one and dont use too much!)
      I am sure if you felt like more filler you could use shredded lettuce but I havent found the need for it so far.

      If you are preparing this for later I would pack the nori in a ziplock bag separately and pack your prepared fillings in a box then make them up as you go so they dont go soggy.