Bodytrim for men!

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    • Bodytrim for men!

      Hello to all the low-carb lifestylers. A great forum full of great comments, but overwhelmingly female participation from the looks of it. Nothing wrong with that - some of my favourite people are female!

      I would like to start a new Bodytrim thread for men. As you ladies know only too well, we are born sooks and it's much harder for us to embrace any lifestyle that doesn't include beer, bbqs and all the other things that are really bad for us.

      My wife has bought me the Bodytrim kit (do you think she's trying to tell me something?) and I am working up to the three day protein-only detox phase. I am pretty happy with the info provided, but I am procrastinating because I feel the need to plan ahead so I don't fail.

      What I mean is, I work long hours, a long way from home, in an office where there's a morning tea trolley every day full of yummy cakes and stuff, and lots of great take-away food just nearby. So I need to make sure I can pack four of my six meals a day and make them interesting enough that I won't feel tempted to stray from the plan.

      I also brew my own beer and it's pretty good, if I must say so. I like it, anyway, which is itself a problem. I also like Coke, which is probably an even bigger problem (tried Coke Zero yesterday - I hate it). And I am an amateur Chinese cook, so I love to create delicious dishes with lots of stir-fried vegies and I am addicted to rice and noodles.

      I am about 15-20 kg over my preferred weight of 82-83 kg, depending on the day, so my challenge is not huge. I have achieved it before, but that was when I had to walk up and down six flights of stairs two or three times a day for work. And I was living in China where meal portions are much smaller. When I got back to Australia, I just packed the weight straight back on.

      The 10,000 steps idea is challenging for me, as one of the problems of being overweight is that my joints hurt. But I do walk over 4000 steps on an average day, and I am already managing a 30-40 minute (5000-6500 step) walk 3-4 times a week right now. Getting it in every day is the real issue, as I leave for work about 6 am and don't get home until 5 pm, when I usually need to cook dinner.

      So, as you can see ladies, it's much harder being a man! Or do we just complain a lot more?

      For some reason I don't yet comprehend, my 50 kg wife is planning to do the Bodytrim program with me. That will certainly help as she is highly motivated and will keep the pressure on me.

      So I look forward to charting my progress and enrolling some other males to join me in this quest.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Welcome Tony
      Not a lot of guys on this forum to chat with - sorry. But us girls can be supportive too :)

      A guy at work has lost 17kg with Bodytrim - not sure how long it has taken him - a few months I think.
      He looks great.

      Sherrie would say to stay away form the Coke Zero - its as bad as the Coke - must admit I go through stages where I drink a fair bit of it - I like the zero - never drunk the full stuff - straight sugar scares me!!

      Anyway I am about to drag my sorry arse to the gym so hopefully will see you around a bit form now on.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi Tony,

      Welcome to the forum-

      Don't worry too much about the 10000 steps, jut do what you can.

      The majic formula is
      70% food- what and when you eat
      20% excercise
      10% strenuous excercise

      I still lose when I don't get those last 30 % in , in fact I hardly ever get all 30 of those %

      Portable and tasty protein snacks can be a bit tricky so you are wise to prepare yourself well.

      Some I use
      boiled eggs
      cooked lovely legs (chicken)
      tuna salad
      cottage cheese
      left over meat/ chicken/ fish/ lean ham slice
      mini meat balls
      frittata, quiche

      Once you get into the swing of things and stert seeing results, it gets easier- good luck
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi and thanks to those who've replied already. I am pleased to say I did my 30 (actually 45) minutes of walking this morning and feel good for that - about 5000 steps but quite hilly around here.

      Lou, thanks for those snack tips. How do you manage frittata and quiche without flour (or don't you worry about that bit)? The high protein weight loss and maintenance diets I can work out fairly well, it's just the protein only detox phase that has me a bit worried. Eggs, chicken, lean beef, lean lamb, lovely legs and meat patties are all attractive options. Don't tend to buy much deli meat.

      Come on guys ... out of the cupboard!

    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Welcome Tony! :)

      I wasn't sure whether to welcome you here or wait until you posted in another thread as this is a mens thread so I didn't want to derail it, but seeing some of the girls have popped in already I thought I'd welcome you anyway :)

      There is a recipe in the recipe section that uses a low carb crust for the quiche but I only ever bothered the once as I like it without. Frittata's definitely don't need flour, you will find most frittata recipes don't use flour.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Sorry Tony for not getting back to you but great to see the support network well manned :eek: womanned actually, all those fellers must still be in the cupboard ;)

      The frittata anquiche can certainly be made without flour- crustless, and you can use other things for the liquid element or a little cream if you want (its low carb) I have used a little water and stock pwd or light milk, free vegs and diced light ham or chicken, good for packed lunch meal as it includes your vegs.

      Hope you are going well
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Welcome TonyG,
      We have a few guys around so it might take them awhile to see your posts.
      Keep watching the forum and you should be able to pop into their diary's and say hello, they may be on different diets but their a great bunch.

      Hope in the mean time that us ladies will suffice :D
      We promise not to talk girly talk in your diary OK :eek:

      Good luck on your journey .....Cheers

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    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      H Guys, another male BTer here and one that has lost 20kgs in 4 months. I am now at the stage where I am at a gym trying to tone up a bit and get rid of my wobble. Now at 86kg from 106.7kg in February. Probably not looking to lose to much more weight to be honest, although hitting 85kg would be good for the ego, seeing this is what I weighed at school 25 years ago.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      That's fantastic Curly, well done.
      Hope you can hang around awhile and encourage others, it's always lovely to hear the success stories.

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      Work hard now, we don't want any wobbley bits :D

      Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I may have to kill because they p!$$ me off.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      So, as you can see ladies, it's much harder being a man! Or do we just complain a lot more?

      That is the statement of the year!!

      You oughta try being a woman and being on a diet MR

      But we can't go into girly stuff here cause this is the manly thread lol

      Well BT will be good for you cause on your free day beer and all that stuff you like is allowed.

      It is imperitive you have your snacks ready and available to take to work too, otherwise your day get's stuffed up

      I have a very fitting picture for you, you see I always welcome people with a picture :D

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    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Wenny - you been into that red truth serum again???
      Common now - play nicely

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      Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I may have to kill because they p!$$ me off.