Bodytrim for men!

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    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      New bloke in the man thread here !!!!

      Just started BT today and am agonizing through the first day of Carb Detox. Got a splitting headache but am determined to work through it and keep on going ! Good to hear all the success stories, hoping to be one of them myself.

      Trying to drop from 101kg to 80kg
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hey fellas - another male BTrimmer here. I've been on the program since February 11... Starting weight of 91kg now down to 74kg (haven't been a 31" waist since I was 16!!!) and plateauing, now increasing the gym time to try and tone, still a bit flabby around the middle.

      I try to stick to the program as much as possible, but relax the alcohol restrictions over the weekend - need my Friday night beers with the footy! The Carlton low-carb is by far my fave so far.

      Give the recipes in the "Recipe" thread a go - these have been my lifesaver!

      Also, if you're a big fan of pasta, I've been put onto a great alternative... Grab a zucchini and thinly julienne (i.e. chop into matchstick pieces - I have a mandolin that does this great). Cover sliced zucchini with water from a freshly-boiled kettle, stand 30 seconds then drain. Works great with a bolognese topping, also works great with homemade pesto.

      Cheers, Damo
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      G'day I am here as well - just fell out of the cupboard - on BT and weight is going up and down.

      started at 102.5 and now 99.5 after 3 months. have been as low as 97 but sometimes just goes the wrong way.

      blamed the scales but replaced them with two digital scales and a Wii

      only thing it might be is my walking but that is still only part of the 30% - the 70% would be great for me.

      are baked beans ok on this diet

      best of luck to everybody and i am going to push on and try harder


    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Wow! We are getting a few chaps on here - good to get some male perspective. Please don't be afraid to venture out of this thread and comment on the general ones.

      I can't comment on BT as I am Primal but the key to any low carb diet is lots of protein and fat - fat is what keeps you satiated and lets you keep things under control.

      Good luck to you all!
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      peterseaford wrote:

      G'day I am here as well - just fell out of the cupboard - on BT and weight is going up and down.

      started at 102.5 and now 99.5 after 3 months. have been as low as 97 but sometimes just goes the wrong way.

      blamed the scales but replaced them with two digital scales and a Wii

      only thing it might be is my walking but that is still only part of the 30% - the 70% would be great for me.

      are baked beans ok on this diet

      best of luck to everybody and i am going to push on and try harder



      No, Baked Beans have a lot of carbs:…tleT1iYWtlZCBiZWFucw.html

      Maybe write out a list of what you typically eat and then someone may be able to pinpoint where it's going wrong.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hey guys,
      I've been on BT now for 12 weeks, lost 20kgs.. come from 118 down to 98kgs.
      Still have 10kgs -15kgs to lose so i'm not kidding myself, i'm not there yet.
      Been following the BT system as strict as possible, no main meal ever goes over 150g or protein, no snack goes over 100g.
      Probably only thing i struggle with is coffee.. so i make 2 small cups per day max, with 1 coffee, 1 equal and skim milk.
      I've seen some people in other threads talk about using cream etc but most skim milk is 12g of carbs/250ml.. I wouldn't use more than 20mls per cup so wouldn't be having much more than 1g or carbs per coffee.
      I've found the BT Bars excellent for a snack and @50g are more filling that most 100g deli meats fro me.
      I've got a fair;y strict gym routine too, running 5-7km 4-6days a week + added some rowing (usually around 1-2km) and riding.
      Not doing a lot of weights since stripping down is the main key still.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi Sherrie and thank you :) ,

      I'm back to enjoying working out on a daily basis.
      My start weight was hard simply because I was frustrated that I could run or do anything overly complex since my fitness had dropped so far.
      The only thing I can struggle with at times is energy.
      I don't eat any carbs at all at breakfast and just simply because of being busy sometimes the po day after a free day turns into 2 or 3 in a row.
      So I've added in a pre workout supplement to boost my energy levels on the days I need it.
      (currently using Neogenix Neutroblast), it defiantly helps.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hey all,
      This is a repost from the introduction thread so hopefully the admin will remove one of em... thought it would be better here in the Male section :)

      I just ordered the 30 day trial of BT and should be arriving in a couple of days…
      I’m about 5’9” and am 105kg.

      Had a really sh!tty last 12 months and basically want to get healthy for my 2 kids (3 and 5 – one of whom we nearly lost).

      I’ve given up the smokes as of 16th Nov 2011 and have piled on the weight. (eating a good excuse? don't think so...)

      We just moved to Perth 9 months ago and am determined to get down to 85 (which is what I’d feel cumfy with – or in the least, where I can start to wear medium pants/ shirts again – don’t care if I’m 100 actually – just want to tone)

      So inspirational reading all these stories too btw.. awesome!

      Anyway, here’s to hopefully a new me!

      I’ll get started on a diary as soon as (abeit a brief diary because I’m male :) )

    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi Renzo,

      Not a lot of male bodytrim activity on here, but feel free to message me any time or with any questions.
      Since my last post above yours i've got down to 77kgs.. i started at 116 and i'm around 5'9'' also.

      It's a great diet to push through, especially when you get to eat some pretty good food, and smash big plates of vegetables and salads to make sure you're full til the next 2-3hours.

      I'm a big fan of using protein bars too, just watch the carb content.. bodytrims bars are by far the best in terms of carb and fat, taste great too.. best tasting and still very low carb are the Horleys Carb Less brand that a lot of nutrition warehouse stores and goodlife gyms carry. (Chewy Banana Caramel and Strawberry cheesecake ones are brilliant).. most others taste like mud to be honest i've tried them all.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Be good to see more guys activity on here!!!!
      I've reached goal weight as of 1-2 months ago. 75kgs.
      Its been fanastic with the help of BodyTrim system (all obtained from the ideas here sorry Jeff) and a massive amount of Gym work, which is still ongoing.
      I've gone from not going at all, to 3-4x 10km runs per week and 1-3 x 5kms + weights.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Another man on bodytrim.
      Master you have done really well, i hope to emulate your performance.
      i am on my 3rd day of the detox, i weighed in at 106.3kg on monday, i am around 5'10".
      any suggestions you might have to keep this interesting would be great, i have a wife and my eldest daughter whom i have to try to keep motivated along the way.
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi Guys,

      Another bloke checking in.

      Ive been doing body trim for about 15 weeks and have lost 8kg, now down to 90kg. Im only a short ass at 5ft 7.

      I have to say at times I used to get very frustrated with how slow I was loosing weight only 8kg in 15 weeks, and the fact I am comparing my weight loss with other people's.

      The best thing that happened for me is the moment I said forget the scales and focussed on the body transfortmation that actually was going on (that I was overlooking).

      I found my success was in the the visualisation and the tape measure, loosing 10cm across the chest, stomach and hip in 15weeks.

      The best advice I can give to anyone starting out or loosing motivation is not to give up if you think your not loosing weight, or not having a massive instant tranformation and focus on other results i.e. going down a pant size or being able to run for a longer amount of time without getting as puffed.

      My training now consists of 10,000 steps a day and weight training 4 days a week for toning and strength (which I find fun and some ME time).
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Congratulations Todd & Peetie on your fantastic weight loss :first:. Good luck with the exercise which is so important & good advice Peetie re losing motivation, taking your measurements or how your clothing fits is all part of losing weight which we sometimes forget & concentrate too much on what number is on the scales. Keep going your success is a motivation to everyone :).
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hey all, I'm back here again after a very gradual slide. I'm still around 8kg lower than my heaviest and had abandoned the program in recent months, especially around Christmas. today is my last day of the 3 day detox phase and all seems to be going well.

      Where I tend to slip up in the weightloss phase is lunches... I get sick of salads very quickly, and I simply cannot abide canned fish or chicken. I need some good lunch options that I can prepare on Sundays, ready for the week that follows. Some of the recipes have been helpful but would also appreciate any tips you fellas have.

      Cheers, Damien
    • Re: Bodytrim for men!

      Hi Damo ,
      Welcome back and good luck.
      How about Quiche or curried egg or make a Thai mince mix and put in lettuce cups.
      Or simply chop up veges and have some cold meat and get a low carb dip.
      Hard to be inspired sometimes but good luck and enjoy the journey.
      Less of me - more of life !