Protein/carbs/fat breakdown

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    • Protein/carbs/fat breakdown

      Hi All,

      I am pretty new to low carb and getting myself very confused with all the information out there.

      I have been logging my food intake on Calorie King and want to know what the goal amounts of protein and fat to aim for are.

      At the moment I have focussed on keeping under 50g carbs and not worried about protein and fat as long as I am not going over my calories.

      Here's some examples of what has come out of this:

      Example 1:

      Cals: 1214
      Fat: 60g
      Protein 119g
      Carbs: 49g

      Example 2:

      Cals: 1387
      Fat: 81g
      Protein 121g
      Carbs: 46g

      Example 3:

      Cals: 1252
      Fat: 60g
      Protein 144g
      Carbs: 47g

      "free" day:

      Cals: 1296
      Fat: 50g
      Protein 140g
      Carbs: 71g (fruit, veges and nuts make this up)

      Can anyone help on this?


    • Re: Protein/carbs/fat breakdown

      It really can be confusing. I use that program too :)

      Not sure if you're doing BT (tho I'm guessing so?) or atkins, or just general low carb, but this is how I work mine out.

      Set your carb count, naturally.

      I have an aim of about 1300 cals a day (which I know Sherrie cringes at me for! <3)
      but it's just an aim. As far as LC goes - we don't count calories, but calories count.
      (I translate this into Jesh speak as - don't stress about calories, but don't gorge!)

      I'm with Sherrie that you have got plenty of protein there, which is great.

      I'd suggest making up some kind of nice cheesy creamy sauce or something similar to up the fat. I find that I am eating a LOT of creamcheese now (which feels SO SO VERY NAUGHTY!... but i looooooves it!) - I have a recipe in the relevant section for cheesy creamy broccoli wraps. They are divine and have about 8 net carbs for a really generous helping, and about 54g of fat, with 20.7g protein.