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    • Help-Body Shaping Comp

      Hi this is my first post on a forum. I am a Spinning Instructor and I am following the low carb program thru a Nathropath (since 4th Oct, 2002) I am quite lean and have good muscle definition upper body, abs are visable but not quite there. I have read in your forum about low intensity aerobic training because of muscle loss. I want to loose bodyfat and have not had any success so far. My carb intake is around 20gm, and my protein usually consist of 3 small serves a day. I use flaxseed as my main fat intake and small amount of cheese. I was having nuts but have just cut them back in the last week to see if this helped with fat loss. I think my calories are slightly low now so have increased my flaxseed oil. Spinning class are part of my job (4x week) I can walk the other days without a problem. I weight training 2-3 time weekly. I have good quality muscle already their i just want to loose the layer. I would love to do a body shaping competition but no matter what I try I can't seem to drop an ounce. I only need to loose maybe 3-4 kg as this would make a big difference to my body.

      If someone can give me program to follow food wise this would really help, I am very dedicated and will try anything.

      I hope you don't tell me to give up my cycling class :(

      I am sure that I must be doing something wrong, my nathropath told me because of my muscle I won't show Ketosis is this true.:confused:

      If I drink too much water I tend to hold water so I drink around 2 litres daily which I feel is enough.

      Can someone please help:(

      I am female 35 yrs, 61 kg - 165cm tall. Ideal weight 57-58kg.

      I can post my daily food if needed. I have stopped seeing the nathropath as I have not changed one bit since begining with him.:(
    • Cassie is the spinning class cycling?

      If it is, then it's obviousely impossible for you to do low intensity. You could try changing to moderate carb or a TKD style low carb diet.

      Have a look at Tyse's diary as he is currently doing TKD.

      Jesper and Rossana are overloaded with diet plans untill after the New Year but once they are able they could set you up really well. No-one I trust more then those two!.

      Also are you taking L-Glutamine?

      You might find their sister site interesting aswell.

      Good to see you visited us :)
    • Hi Cassie - thanks for posting!

      Your request is pretty advanced Cassie and beyond the scope of this forum. Getting people into competition shape requires alot more than just a few dietary hints and programs of this nature are pretty involved.

      But if you've read the posts in our fitness and exercise thread then you would know that a spin class would be out of the question on a ketogenic diet.

      If you did not lose any weight or body fat in the time you have been following this way of eating then it is an indication that perhaps this way of eating is not suited to your metabolism and
      your body is in starvation mode because your food intake is not supporting your level of activity.

      As a guide, I went from 20ish grams a day to 110g per day to support the level of training I was doing at the time. This number varies depending on the style of training I am doing at any point in time. Supplementation is also a must, but this also takes time to perfect.

      Very few competitors do cardio until the last 8-12 weeks and it is rarely high intensity as you would never want to blow away all of those hard earnt muscle gains. When is your competition?

      Assuming you have decided which federation you are competing in, maybe you should ring the organisers and ask them for some names of trainers who might be able to help. It is important that you get to see these people in person and regularly.

      Good luck!
    • Thanks everyone i will do some more research, i will hopefully be able to post what I fine out and maybe help someone else.:)

      What a great forum:)

      I have taken L-glutamine but it causes my tummy to bloat, I have tried it on two difference occassions.:confused:
    • Thanks Cassie
      Just remember whatever works for someone else may not work for you esp when you are talking about levels of body fat that are at an elite athlete level. That's why its important to know your own body and work with someone who has had experience with lots of bodies... esp females!