Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

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    • Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

      Just curious here :D

      The Atikins book recommends mums can follow lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding and pregnant, however having never done maintenence before I have no idea what my CCLM would be.

      Is there any safe level I can start low carbing from while feeding, or should I wait until I have completely weaned?

      I did intend to wean at 6 months but that is now only 2 weeks ago and I think I would like to continue :) However, I desperately need to lose weight, even if it is just a tiny bit, slowly slowly!
    • Re: Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

      Hey Wowzah, there's no reason why you have to eat processed food whilst breastfeeding. What you could do is eat LC but don't limit your veggies, and rather then white potato have sweet potato aswell. There's no real need for grains or sugar it won't hurt to take them out though you may find oats might help with milk production. Fruit, just don't go overboard with it. Zucchini makes a great pasta substitute.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

      This time around I started low carbing again whilst breastfeeding. I found breastfeeding makes me very hungry and sugary foods enhance that hunger. Basically I did was Sherrie has suggested:

      Avoiding processed foods where possible. Has the double benefit of just not eating as much, it is so easy to grab crappy foods when looking after a bubs.
      Porridge for breakfast - good and filling, lo GI and not too bad on carbs if you watch your amount - if pressed for time I have Carman's Fruit free muesli instead
      I went back to a lot of meat and 3+ veg type meals. I would not put the potato on my plate, I would cook up some cauliflower for me instead. I find this type of meal much easy to cater for my needs and the families love of potato.

      I did not really count carbs, but I already have a good feel for how much carb I am having. Basically I found mainly avoiding the main culprits, bread, potatoes, pasta, sugar, too much fruit I was able to keep my carb count low enough to lose weight and still maintain a good milk supply. I did not trouble myself too much with looking for hidden carbs. Generally if you go fresh and minimal processed then the carb counts are not too bad.
    • Re: Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

      Osanna thanks so much for your reply. I think I will do exactly as you describe :) I have a tendency to overthink and try and over plan things, so get a bit stressed about the details perhaps! I agree, it's so easy to reach for the crappy convenience food when running around after the kids and bubby!

      A quick question about the oats, how do you make your porridge?
    • Re: Anyone done lifetime maintenence while breastfeeding?

      I cook the oats in water (ratio 1:2). I admit to adding a sprinkle of brown sugar and a splash of milk when serving. If I am organised then I had a tablespoon of LSA.

      I think give it a go first just cutting out the main culprits, then if no weight loss is happening (I would give it 2-3 weeks, not much was happening for me, then a big whoosh), then see about cutting it back on other carbs. I suppose it is kind of like doing the phases of Aitkins in reverse.