Yam Bean or Jicama

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    • Yam Bean or Jicama

      Oh yes!! Finally after searching Flemington Fruit Markets in Sydney and the Fyshwick Fruit Markets in Sydney unsuccesfully, I found the Yam Bean or Jicama in the big vegie shop in Woden, Canberra. It is everything wonderful that I have read about on the net.

      It is a turnip shaped and size vegetable that is low in carbs. I peeled it then chopped it into chip sized pieces. The texture is that of a crisp apple or raw potato. The taste is that of apple but not as sweet or sour either. I doused it in lime juice as I read and just wanted to eat the lot!! I took it to parties and used it as a crudite in dips, with pieces of cheese etc. I just know that a sprinkle of chilli on it after the lime juice would be awesome too but just wanted it with the lime as I love citrus.

      I can see that it would be super as a vegie baked or fried but it is unbeatable raw and would be a great addition to a salad or slaw grated.

      So missing fruit on my really low carb diet for good blood sugar control but this is a big winner for me!
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