Am I doing something wrong? Or is it PMS?

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    • Am I doing something wrong? Or is it PMS?

      Hi everyone

      I started low carbing last week and initially felt such huge changes in my body - so much energy I felt like I was on some drug or something, so much happier, and my skin started clearing up also. I also just didn't even feel hungry - VERY foreign for me! And I could just feel my body... functioning better, if that makes sense.

      Now after 5 days my skin (acne) is starting to get a bit worse again, and my mood is going down and I am irritable and cranky again. Though nowhere NEAR as bad as last cycle when I would cry, yell, and break down at almost everything and was just so depressed it was scary.

      I am pretty sure I have PCOS, and am due for my period within the next few days. Is it because of my PMS that things have gone back a little (particulary the acne!), or could I be doing something wrong with my diet? I am not counting my carbs, but I eat eggs with chicken, some avocado (less than half), mozzarella cheese, and salt and linseed for bfast, then I eat lots of meat/fish for lunch and dinner with either some spinach, broccoli, zucchini, capsicum and pumpkin (small amounts)

      I tend to snack a bit on brie cheese and mozzarella, and lite jelly - maybe too much? And also that "Well, naturally" dark chocolate. My sugar cravings are intensifying now, and so far have not lost a plethora of weight, but am only needing to lose about 4-5kg.

      Any ideas?

    • Re: Am I doing something wrong? Or is it PMS?

      Yes I would guess that it is PMS, you may find low carb or weight loss itself may unsettle your cycles a little for the first few months but then they should improve. PMS could be hiding any losses through water retention so things may pick there after TOM (time of month) has arrived. Your light headiness could be an electrolyte issue so either supplement them or up your veggie intake for the pottasium which should help.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Am I doing something wrong? Or is it PMS?

      Hi there,
      I felt compelled to reply back to this message as i have been having the same problems but i am stickng to this program strictly. I did realise that, that TOM was due extremely soon and i felt wonderful then suddenly everything changed and i just have not been the same since. I still got a week to go before aunt flo visits for the month and im just hoping things pick up.My mood swings are te worst but so it being tired, dizzy and lightheaded. I know i am not going wrong anywhere so why is this happening??? I have never suffered with hormonal pms before why am i starting now. I have 60KGS to lose and have seen a change in measurements but only a couple of kgs on the scales.
    • Re: Am I doing something wrong? Or is it PMS?

      Gee, here I am sitting here reading everyones diaries again about feeling so so good etc and also wondering whats wrong.

      I am in the same boat as the both of you, by the sound of it. Was doing great for the first 2 weeks and this week just haven't shaken the weight or emotions. Difference is I have another week and a half before TOM - usually would not hit me until next week then i become a monster (no other way to put it!). Sherrie, it may be I'm unsettled as you suggested and find that I'm early (hope so because otherwise I feel like I'm going mad - Frankenstein syndrome).

      SweetAngel - I hope you pick up soon but know you aren't alone. Ladies - any helpful suggestions on avoiding/limiting this?