Too many eggs?

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    • Too many eggs?

      I'm sure there must already be a thread on this somewhere, but I was reading the carton my eggs come in, and it said something to the effect that the Heart Foundation is OK for people to eat up to 6 eggs per week. I know Atkins was a big proponent of egg eating, and I don't recall his books even suggesting a limit. So I'm wondering if the 10-14 eggs I eat each week is really OK? I just find them such a convenient snack, or in particular for me, an easy brekky. How many eggs do others average per week?
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      Pretty sure I read somewhere that the guidelines are not upto date with the current studies. Eggs are pretty much a whole food, just missing one thing from what I can remember. Yes they have cholesterol, but it is quite negligible, plus eating cholesterol does not give you high cholesterol. There was at least one study that showed just by eating eggs for breakfast that someone was more likely to lose weight. So basically just go for it, I think your body will tell you if you are eating too many.
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      I feel a whole lot better after reading the above posts........yesterday I had 4 eggs because I had a flat tyre, got home late, was in a rush and scrabbled eggs cooked in the microwave took just a few minutes to prepare. I'd already had 2 eggs for brekky though so I was concerned that I had too many. We have recently got chooks and have an abundance of fresh eggs!

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      Thanks everyone - I knew it was silly to worry, but I do feel better now.

      Liz, we're thinking of getting some chooks for the eggs too - are you on a farm? We're in suburbia, but just found out that they allow hens, so we're in the planning stages. What sort of hens do you have? My aunt who lives on acreage, has hens and suggested we get a type called Isa Brown. Still researching.
    • Re: Too many eggs?

      Hi Gosfordgirl,

      Yes, we're on acreage at Tumbi Umbi!! However, we have a fenced off backyard and the chook cage is within that. We let them out most afternoons to scratch around and eat the grass. They LOVE coming out but by doing it in the late arvo, we can easily get them back in as they go to bed early. I was worried about our dogs attacking them, but the dogs love them. We have 5 Isa browns as that's what everyone recommended we get too! They are fantastic layers.........we're getting 4 - 5 eggs a day which is ample. There are only 3 of us in the family, so I'm getting plenty for my protein consumption!

      I've read a few articles lately about families with average size backyards getting chooks.

      Good luck and good luck also with your Bodytrim program.

    • Re: Too many eggs?

      Hi Liz, wow, Tumbi Umbi - we're practically neighbours! lol

      We have a dog too, and I do have concerns about having her out with them - although she is OK with cats, she does kill blue tongue lizards when she can.

      Where did you get your chooks? How old were they when you got them? And finally, where do you get their feed? Hope you don't mind the questions!

      PS I'm on Atkins not BT.
    • Re: Too many eggs?

      Gosfordgirl wrote:

      Where did you get your chooks? How old were they when you got them? And finally, where do you get their feed? Hope you don't mind the questions!

      We ended up getting some 12 month old girls from a battery farm for $2. Scruffy looking girls, but absolutely loving have room to move scratch and fresh food to eat. It really depends on the time of year how available chooks are, especially point of lays.

      You can check out local markets or a local poultry club. Some chook sellers will advertise in the local paper. Sometimes you will just see signs on the side of the road. The is a good chicken forum that has classifieds and another that is just general farm stock

      Feed from larger pet stores and from rural supply stores. I did read though that some supermarkerts now sell it due to the popularity of backyard chooks these days. Have a look at what they do need to eat, as it is good to feed them more than just layer pellets. Grains such as wheat (which can be sprouted for extra goodness) is quite good for them.
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      We got 20 week old pullets from a place around the corner from us. They bring their chooks down from their farm in Tamworth. They were 'point of lay' hens, i.e just about to start laying. Sure enough we had one egg the day after we got them and 4 weeks down the track they're all laying and we get 4 - 5 eggs a day from the 5 of them. We have a really nutty cocker spaniel and I thought she would be a big problem, but she's quite sweet with them, almost to the point where she drives them insane from being all over them. I think she loves them! Our maltese shi tsu couldn't care less about them. We get the feed from a pet produce store in Erina, but there's also one at West Gosford, Wyong and Ourimbah that I know of. It's $20 for a 20kg bag which lasted our 5 girls just over 4 weeks. At first they wouldn't eat kitchen scraps, I guesss because they'd never had them before, but now they LOVE averything, especially cooked potato and noodles. They drink lots of water and we got a water feeder, which I actually clean out every 2-3 days as it gets pretty grubby. They love coming out, as I said, but as they kick the bark out from the gardens, we only let them out when we're out in the yard or we pop them in to a fenced off area under the tree house.

      Hope that helps with what you need to know.

    • Re: Too many eggs?

      We live in the Adelaide hills, so not entirely suburbia. We have 2 chooks, the only problem up our way is foxes. We have to make sure they are locked away at night and the cage has to be very 'fox proof'. Also I refuse to feed them (leave it to the future hubby) because they attract mice from all the spare food laying around. Apart from that its great, we just feed them all of our vege scraps and in return they give us beautiful fresh eggs. I cant eat those cage eggs, they just dont taste the same!
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      Yep I could never live in the metro area again, its so quiet and peaceful here. My dad used to take me up in the hills all the time when he had us on the weekends, I always wanted to live here. I have changed my mind about living in the more denser parts though (bush fires). Aldgate is a very nice place :)
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    • Re: Too many eggs?

      The reason that eggs have a bad rep is because they are a high source of saturated fats. And if you believe the dodgy science that is mainstream thought, then saturated fats increases your cholesterol which can lead to heart disease.

      However this theory was flimsy at best, and its been proven (although never changed at government / medical level) that just as many people (and maybe more) suffer from heart disease have low levels of cholesterol. There's also a tonne of evidence showing countries with high levels of cholesterol have low levels of heart disease (like france). The real cause of heart disease is high trygliceride levels and inflammation. And this is mainly caused by...eating excessive carbs.

      In short, eat as many eggs as you want. And try to eat free-range because the cage hens are fed grains which are high omega-6 fatty acids. Not to mention that its a horrible existence for animals to live like that.
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    • Re: Too many eggs?

      sooooo confused!

      just returning to LC, currently in induction and eggs are a big part of my diet at the moment. since i have to buy them at the supermarket i thought i'd take a closer look and i was surprised at how much they vary in price and nutrious values. cage, free rage, organic, omega 3.... especially the omega 3 differs largely according to brand and i have just read again how important omega 3 is. even among eggs that are sold as omega 3 eggs some provide almost 4 times as much omega 3 than others, of course they're vastly more expensive too. i am on a budget and want to spend the money where it's worth it and with the amounts of eggs i am using it makes quite a differnce... any thoughts, info, ideas?