Thought it was about time...

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    • Thought it was about time...

      hello everyone. My name is Janelle and I am new to this site...:( well, actually have been wandering around for the past month and today I decided to post my intro, so HI!

      I have made the decision (I think...) to go low carb again. I have lost 12kg a few years ago, and know it works, but things changed and to cut a long story short, I ballooned and now need to lose it again! PLUS more!:mad:

      I initially started the Lean for Life program (Healthpointe) by Lindora, and it worked a treat. I am starting it again today (decided to do so AFTER I had breakfast consisting of 2 vitabrits and raw sugar).. I am SO SICK of my weight and with summer coming up, I am desperate.

      So anyway, hope to hear from someone sometime!:D
    • Re: Thought it was about time...

      Welcome Nelly,
      You have come to the right place for advice and support on your low carb journey.
      I do not know the Lean for Life program.:confused: I am doing Atkins and there are a lot doing Bodytrim. There might even be someone doing the same program as you.:confused:
      Good luck in your journey.
      Betta_Vetta :cool:

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