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    • Hi Fellow Travellers’
      I am not sure where to start this but I would value any and all opinions. I am 56 years old and according to blood test are laparoscopy are post menopausal, although to my best knowledge I did not experience any symptoms. I have battled with my weight for more years than I care to think about and have had some success on Aitkins but that is failing now also. I have seen an endocrinologist whose advice was to eat only green veggies with a small amount of meat and have lap band surgery. I argued against the Lap Band because from experience of eating only 500 cals / day and with heavy exercise I lost ½ lb / week, so I fail to see it will be of any benefit. Al; the blood and urine tests I have had, whilst they are low are all within normal levels, however, and is there not always an however? I feel awful. I lack energy, I find it difficult to move on standing & I ache- ankles& back, I am moody and easily provoked to anger (which I soo hate and are embarrassed by) and lately I can’t sleep and my restless leg symptoms are shocking especially if I have done a lot of walking.
      I saw my local GP the other day, lovely lady, who asked about the Endocrinologists remarks and said I was not to go back and she is sending me to a Nutritionist. My thoughts are I need Progesterone cream but I doubt she will prescribe it. She has prescribed a small dose of antidepressant as my woes have a life long history, with the only time in my life I felt “normal” was when I was pregnant, and she is concerned, that even though I do not feel depressed I may have been for so long I now fail to recognise it. She agrees that my pregnancy history is weird but has no answers for me other than the Specialist.
      So do I wait and see the Nutritionist or go see someone else?

      Sorry for the long post
      Kindest Regards
    • Re: Hormonal?

      Welcome Susan! :)

      I would strongly suggest that you have a look through this thread: Thyroid 101

      Has your thyroid been tested at all?

      Another one that has similar symptoms to hypothyroidism is hyperparathyroidism, it can make you very touchy and totally change your personality in some. Next time you get your bloods done, get your calcium and PTH checked just in case.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Hormonal?

      Thanks for the response Sherrie,

      I am wading through the information slowly; the brain is nowhere near as clear thinking as it used to be, something is going on.
      However, in response to your question about the thyroid tests, yea the Endocrinologist ran thyroid tests. What the results where, I have no idea. I can only guess that they like all my hormonal profile were low but not low enough to treat, as she suggested the leafy green only diet, stated that there is a genetic pool , which appears to have originated in Scotland who present similarly to me and that I should have a CPAK machine and my stomach stapled. The last idea makes me chuckle and she did not listen when I informed her that on 500 Kcals/day I loose .250gms per week.

      OK back to the information you have directed me to :)

      Thanks once again
      Kindest Regards
    • Re: Hormonal?

      Do you read minds as a part time thing ? LOL
      I have been thinking of going back to my GP and asking her, surely they send test results between each other. However, you see now why my GP doesn't want me going back to her and is looking for an alternative.
      Kindest Regards
    • Re: Hormonal?

      Hi Sherrie,
      Has been a while but has taken this long to get to see someone. Anyways as it turns out I have elevated Cortisol levels and have probaly had then a long time. The Doctor I am seeing was annoyed that it was not picked up, by the endocrinologist she was the one who ordered the test, as they are at least double what they should be.
      It does however, explain my struggle loosing weight and a whole set of symptoms which I have had for the longest time.
      You do an amazing job here, just giving people support and the courage to keep up the fight. Too often we are not listened to whilst we know we are not right and speaking from expirience we give up and give in to being told we ar "Normal"

      Anyway thanks again,
      Susan :)