This site is fantastic!

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    • This site is fantastic!

      Hi Everyone

      I have just started bodytrim. I don't have the program. I am following the advice from a few friends who have done amazingly on it. When googling I came across this forum and it is fantastic. Thanks to everyone for all your posts and advice.

      My goal is to lose 15 kilos before my 40th birthday. I am setting mini 5kg goals along the way with rewards. I am trying to go to the gym 3-4 times per week, although after reading a lot of the posts i'm going to invest in a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps daily.

      I struggle with the idea of a free day, I had mine yesterday and it wasn't easy to do PO today. I hope I can stick to this.

      I've joined the new challenge - 10 kilos before Easter. How amazing it would be to be 65 kilos at Easter...that's going to keep me on track (I hope).

      Anyway good luck to everyone - we can do this
    • Re: This site is fantastic!

      Hi there OTRT40
      Welcome. This site is great, and everyone are very supportive. Good luck with your journey. 15 kilos by Easter... Piece of cake if you stick to it ! It is hard to start with, but after 2 weeks you will be fine. Two things to keep in mind, do your 10000 steps a day, it really makes the difference, and drink lots of water. The eating part is the easy bit.
      Good luck, and I look forward to dropping in on your diary to see how you're going.
    • Re: This site is fantastic!

      Hi Shez

      I don't think you can. From what I've read the free day is to keep your metabolism guessing by spiking your calories and then dropping them quickly again with protein only. I'm really hoping I can keep on track after my free day tomorrow. The good thing is that I've been feeling like a subway meatball roll so instead of just thinking i can't have it i'm thinking i only have to wait until sunday.