Need a low carb buddie

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    • Need a low carb buddie


      Just started a low carb diet on the 1st of Jan, anyone want to be my diet buddy?

      This website is brilliant, I think it is the best site for diet info on the net....
      everyone seems so friendly (reading from postings) and generous to give away their diet secrets, other sites you pay a fortune for this info.....

      Already addicted!
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      [Blocked Image:]

      I wish you much success with your LC journey ........we are all your buddy around here :)

      I just had to laugh at your name , it reminded me of a picture I saw on the net , here it is

      [Blocked Image:]

      The poor thing , had too many special treats I think . Actually this is how I feel after my christmas feasts :D

      Great to see you have joined the new challenge , see you there !

      Small steps to a healthy we go
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      Just a quickie, can you eat pumkin soup? I have just been given some for lunch at work, I have a quick look on the internet to find out carb values, however some places say it is low is carbs other sites say it is high, anyone know before I eat this and go off the wagon?!!!!!:confused::D
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      On Atkins Pumpkin is included as an induction food but it is one of the higher low carb vegs, pretty similar to carrots which are considered high carb. do you know how it was prepared?

      Food standards put it down at around 4g per 100g here but remember 100g won't be a large amount.

      Hah actually I just noticed food standards have carrot listed as 5g per 100g and butternut as 7.2g. I dare say carrot is not a high carb vegetable :)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.

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    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      Hey guys just thought I would say hello!

      Lots of snow here today, England is nearly at a standstill!!!!

      diet going good today, had hardly any carbs, also snacking so a little of the BT and Atkins, going to have steak and stilton for tea with some green beans.... hubbie and daughter will have chips with theirs!

      have to admit, ended up having two glasses of wine last night:o but jeans are looser than they were last week:D

      hope you all are doing well!

      bye for now
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      Hi there!

      Of course I will be your diet buddy! I have only lost 1 kg last week, but havent been able to exercise due to lots of snow and ice here in the UK. Also really busy at work and had to eat a sandwich on Friday! :eek: So decided Friday was my free day ( as per bodytrim) however no carbs until Sat night when I had a curry so yesterday (Sunday) was hoping to have a low or hardly any carb day, when mother turned up, we had a roast dinner, managed to only have one roast potato but was expected to eat apple pie! So then thought never mind, might as well have glass or three of wine!!!
      No point beating myself up over it, lifes to short so today hoping to get back on track!
      Jakimac which diet are you starting?

      How are all you other guys doing? Daisy I have to say every time I come to this page your pic of the cat just makes me die!!!!:D
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      [Blocked Image:]

      fatcat wrote:

      No point beating myself up over it, lifes to short so today hoping to get back on track!

      Thats the right attitude Fatcat , well done . Life IS too short to dwell on the past , the present and future is all that matters . My past is for fond memories only , I drain my brain of the bad :D

      Take care

      Small steps to a healthy we go
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      Hey all, I got up this morning to the battery on my scales gone flat.. maybe that is a sign to stop weighing myself everyday and beating myself up about it.. yesterday was my first day on LC and after weighin in yesterday morning 2 kg heavier than I had started the week I was a bit depressed about it all!
      FC, i am not really doing anything "organised" I am just watching the Cab content and kinda just following the Atkins principle of induction.. I say kinda because I can't quite lay my hands on the book I have bought ages ago at the moment, so it is basically from memory or the advice I have gained by being on this site..
      wish i was in the UK, my "other half" is ther at the moment as his Dad passed away last sunday in Malmsbury-Wilts, so my heart is not really in Oz at the minute.. Although I have been able to see the opportunity with him being away to take control of the way I eat for these few weeks.. hope to make a huge difference whislt he is away...
      I am planning to use this forum as a support group and to pick up tips etc to beat a weight loss plateau I have been stuck on for last 2 months..
      Keep posting, Jak
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      HI there Daisy, Great pic!!! Hope all is going well with you?

      Jakimac sorry for not being in touch for a while. Well the diet has gone badly the last two weeks. Last week was so hectic and my daughter had a birthday, so had to endure birthday cake - poor me!!!:D Then last weekend we went away to Centre parcs, so just went back to eating normally! Due to eating out most of the time. Returning on Monday, straight back into a busy week, I wasnt prepaired, my house wasnt full of diet stuff!. Going off shopping today while my daughter does gymnastics, to be ready for this week. Again not beating myself up over it, just a two week blip which I will put right from Monday:o

      How are you doing?
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      Hey hey welcome back... I know how hard it would be to be careful when it is so cold there at the moment. My man is in Chippenham Wiltshire till next week and each day I have to endure his daily eating messages via text.... i am so jealous! although apparently he has put weight to prove it.. hahaha I was going to say it is cold here today, becuase we are right in the middle of the rain moonson that cyclone Olga has left us with, I am in flannelette pj's but I see it is still 20 degrees... not really cold inyour terms hey?
      I am doing okay, i have a nasty cough/cold which is keeping me up at night and the lozenges are taking me outta ketosis, but I don't seem to care when I am almost choking during the night... I have spent the week being disappointed.. I have fluctuated wildly this week and seemed to be heading upwards there for a few days.. but weighed this morning, and had a 400g loss last night, not too bad.. Started the week at 85.5 and today 85.4... so i guess I gotta be happy with that overall.
      Still exercising like a mad thing, making sure I go every day even when I am feeling unwell... trying to do as the POH freinds tell me and stop weighing everyday and focussing on the positives, and the final goal.
      Keep in toch.
    • Re: Need a low carb buddie

      hahaha love your signature fatcat.

      Hope you are feeling better :D

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