I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

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    • I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      I just cooked the most amazing low-carb bread. I have been lurking on a few other low carb sites and I have seen a few recipes for what is known as the 'one minute muffin'. It was hard to find a savory version but when I did it always had oil instead of butter where the sweet ones would call for butter.
      Instead, I just used the best parts of a few recipes and made my own. I swear it is absolutely fantastic toasted with butter and vegemite or unsweetened peanut butter.

      Here is the recipe

      1/4 cup flaxeed meal (bought it at coles)
      1 egg
      Pinch salt
      1/2 teaspoon baking power
      1 -1/2 tablespoon of butter

      Mix all together with a fork making sure its well mixed. Pour into a small bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Remove the bread/muffin from the bowl and soak the bowl. Cut the bread round in half and put in a toaster on low until nicely toasted. Top with your favourite low carb spread.

      VOILA! A perfect muffin/bread!

      I found that the recipe was a bit large for one meal so what I am going to do is put 3/4 of the mix into one bowl and 1/4 into another and use the small one as one bit of toast for breakfast and the other cut in half as sandwhich bread.

      THis recipe works well when toasted so think of using it for sandwhiches that require toasting like cheese and tomato or roasted vegetables.

      I am already dreaming of cutting one in half and putting tuna, mayo and lettuce on it and toasting it on my sandwhich press. YUM!

      I did a search and it seems there hasn't been a thread with this recipe before but if I could be wrong. Let me know if I have doubled up and I will paste it into the appropriate thread.
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      Just added it to the breads thread, looks so simple and very similar to almond bread which is yum but calorie dense.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      aussietash wrote:

      that sounds soooooooo good, im defineatly going to make that, can u have it on the first phase of atkins? Anyone know what the carb count is in it? Thanks :)

      THe carb count confuses me with this recipe. I got it off a website that recommended it for induction. According to my packet of linseed and the other ingredients the count should be around 4-5grams. I know that seems quite a bit but I use a little of the recipe for breakfast and the rest for lunch so the count is spread across the day.

      I went all hardcore on Atkins for a few months before christmas and am now just following a low-carb diet at about 25-30grams a day (I was 10 before) and I haven't stalled eating it.
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      And I just made this bread and it is worth the try - a bit more fatty but still worth it. I think this may be like the almond bread that Sherrie mentioned. This tastes delicious toasted with butter.

      2/3 cups almond flour
      2 eggs and ONE egg white- set egg white aside
      Pinch of cream of tartar
      1/2 tsp baking powder
      4 tbs melted butter (if your butter is unsalted add a bit)

      Whip the egg white with the tartar until it has the stiffest peaks possible. In another bowl, add all the remaining ingredients together. Fold the egg whites into the other ingredients slowly.

      Put baking paper on a large tray and make five 'mounds' of the mixture. Bake in the oven at 160degrees for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      i wonder if the carb count for it is per slice hmmm altho i am thinking say a serving of bread is usually 2 slices so maybe its for 2 slices im hoping so lol
      Well im going to be on the induction phase for a few months so im trying to be strict in what i do but nothing so it seems, is working, i shall keep going
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      I've made this bread recipe - elanaspantry.com/dark-rye-bread/ (without sweetener/agave nectar as it didn't need sweetening - why do Americans sweeten everything?). I made this for Christmas day and everyone loved it, including my sister who's a celiac. I don't have it everyday, but I have a double batch loaf sliced up in the freezer and usually only have once slice (as it's about equivalent to 2 slices).

      Next time I make it I'm going to separate the eggs and fold the beaten whites into the bread. It's not a heavy bread, but I figure this will make for a larger loaf for the same carbs/calories.

      Oh, she uses almond flour which you can't get in Australia. I used almond meal and it works just fine. I also substituted chia seeds for caraway as I wanted to try the chia and wasn't sure on the flavour for caraway seeds.

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    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      That recipe looks FANTASTIC! When I use the flaxseed in mine it does taste a little like rye so this recipe really interests me. I am going to make it on the weekend. I find that the most time I am going to give up my diet is at lunch time because I love nothing more than a sandwhich. I am loving cooking different recipes and seeing how they go for toasted sandwhiches.

      I was really hardcore on atkins before christmas and lost over 5kg but now I want to lose it slowly by not making it too strict on myself. This kind of recipe is exactly what I need! Thanks heaps!
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      no problem rose. I bought golden linseed from Mrs Flanery's which has a lighter flavour than the normal linseed. Although I quite like the normal one and would use that with my budget atm ;).
    • Re: I just baked the BEST low carb bread! Worth a try...

      I am fond of baking and making low carb bread. I love eating low carb bread because I'm on diet now. I want to have a healthy lifestyle. I jog and run every morning. During weekends I attended a swimming class and yoga class. I'm bit healthy conscious and I don't eat food that is rich carbohydrates.