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    • Re: Bodyscuplt

      I personally recommend Atkins especially if its your first low carb diet as it has enough rules to guide you in the right direction and then you can take it from there and make it your own diet/lifestyle.

      This is what the first 2 weeks looks like: Atkins Induction/phase 1 and this explains the 4 parts of the diet but I only did the first part myself and made it my own after that, it depends on how much you need structure I guess.

      There's also LCHF but I still recommend starting with Atkins Induction first just because it has some limits on things that may trip you up at first.

      The best thing about these two diets is that they're free, all information is freely available online. You can buy the Atkins book but its not necessary, although having said that I really like the New Atkins New You book as it is a good read and also handy as a quick reference. I leave it lying around and sometimes visitors give it a read ;)