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      Hey Trim,

      You have answered your own question, as you have used BT approved ingredients it is compliant :)
      Sounds similar to my protein pudding I make for breaky and post work out - Protein powder, bananna/berries, coconut milk and gelatine (mixed with hot water first). Wizz it all together and fridge for a few hours.

      You will find the longer you are on ur eating program the easier it will be just make your own recipes based on your core ingredients.
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      Trim tam that sounds so yummy! I think i might try that this weekend!!! Thanks for the recipe! .....hope you don't mind if I copy it and save it :p
      Mini goal 1: 74 kgs .......End of October! ....woohoo achieved 30/10
      Mini goal 2: 69 kgs
      Mini goal 3: 65 kgs
      Long term goal: 60 kgs..... January

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      Thankyou guys!

      Of course you can copy it out! Share and share alike I say. I want to know if my tastebuds aren't weird so go for it! I only had a taste when dishing it out but I could have had it myself. The kids thought it awesome so it obviously must've tasted alright.

      The next step is to see how it goes frozen. I would love to actually have some icy pole-ish due to the stinking hot weather. The kids got an icecream from the shop yesterday and asked me why I didn't have one. A huge and very long explanation followed and lasted the half hour trip home.

      And yes I think I did answer my own question. I find that even though there is a list, it can be expanded upon if you experiment but sparingly I guess. I just feel it is a very basic list and maybe needs to be reviewed again? But oh well whatever works.

      As the cream cheese and losing weight. I think I remember my mum making jelly cheese cakes with cream cheese on one of her many diets and she lost weight. They are after all meant to be a treat snack aren't they so having one instead of three would be better than none at all right?:p

      Hi everyone I'm new to this whole forum
      scenario & I am about to embark on the Bodytrim 3 lifestyle. I think iam prepared for the PO detox , with all my PO snacks individually packed and ready to go. Apart from the standard deli meats, seafoods, roast chicken and eggs, does anyone else have other food ideas that they used themselves for main meals during the 3 day detox? I have struggled to commit in the past but am really set on actually achieving my goals once and for all. I would appreciate it greatly :D

      Welcome Kazzbah :)

      I don't do BT so can't help you, but keep an eye out for Jeni (venusdemilo) because she has been doing BT for a long time so I am sure will have heaps of ideas, check out her diary. Also if you go to the low carb beginners section you will see stickied up top a thread called Low Carb Getting Started thread. In that thread should be a link to another thread titles something along the lines of low carb menu ideas, I think somewhere in there some BT people posted some of their menus in there. Have you checked out the bodytrim in a nutshell thread?

      PO days are hard for meal ideas because obviously you can only have your 100g (give or take) of protein
      My only suggestion is save things that feel like your eating for a while or feel more fufilled for meals - couple of sausages or vege Sausies, a steak, omelettes are filling and feel like you eating a meal.. Chicken nibbles, pork ribs etc..
      Good luck PO days are rough!

      Also I used to just remind myself that if I'm still hungry I can eat more protein in an hour!

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      If your still looking for that one person to change your life, take a look in the mirror...
    • @Nicmyers to post the recipe or do you mean is it allowed on Bodytrim?

      I am guessing it would be a carb serve on Bodytrim due to the oats and fruit.

      You're more then welcome to post your recipe :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.