Pumpkin and Feta Quiche

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    • Pumpkin and Feta Quiche

      Hey this was really yummy, I just made it tonight. I used this recipe as a guide. What I did was skip the crust (you could make a low carb crust if you want) I used 800g pumpkin instead of 500g (you might want to use the original 500g), 200g feta minus a few bits that I nibbled on :p , a 300ml tub of cream instead of 1 cup etc This would be nice with a layer of spinach/silverbeet as well.

      Pumpkin and Feta Quiche

      500-800g peeled pumpkin cubed
      1 red onion, diced
      200g feta, crumbled
      300ml cream
      3 extra large eggs
      1 heaped tsp cumin powder
      1/8 tsp nutmeg
      freshly ground black pepper
      olive oil and butter
      Parmesan cheese

      Preheat oven to 190C

      Melt some butter and olive oil in roasting dish then toss pumpkin and roast for around 45 mins or until roasted. Panfry onion until golden then add cumin and fry for another minute.

      Roughly mash pumpkin then mix in the onion and feta, spread over greased quiche dish. Mix cream, egg, nutmeg and pepper, pour over pumpkin sprinkle over parmesan and wack in oven for 10mins then reduce heat to 180C and leave in oven for another 20 min.
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