Needing ideas for energy

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    • Needing ideas for energy

      Ok, now as some of you might have read, I am planning to take up with Atkins again after my move.

      This next time around I want to beat this lack of energy thing, soo

      Is there anyone out there who has done this?

      What I want is people that have actually gone on atkins, felt really tired from it, but have overcome it.

      Even BT people, what supplements have you taken that fix this problem please?

      I know we are all different, but f I can try various methods it could be a process of elimination.

      Who knows m new thyroid tablets might be the answer anyway, but I want to be prepared in case they don't make the difference
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    • Re: Needing ideas for energy

      I'm on BT (but incorporating more fat into the program) and I take a womens multivitamin and don't have any issues with tiredness. I also find that exercising first thing in the morning energises me. I also find that the low-carb way of eating gives me constant energy as you are running off your fat stores rather than relying on carb highs and lows. Hopefully once you are in ketosis you will get the same sort of energy. Good luck!
    • Re: Needing ideas for energy

      I am on an atkins WOL and I have lots of energy. I do take supplements though. Vit B and a vit d calcium mix. I suffer from allergies and find that antihistamines sap energy when I have to take them I make sure I drink plenty of fluids and add a protein shake in late afternoon. I agree with Melly that low carb gives you energy and taking a walk or doing some exercise seems to pep me up.
    • wenever wrote:

      Needing ideas for energy

      I can think of two opposing avenues leading to our ultimate destination that is ENERGY.
      1. The first involves caffeine
      2. The second involves salt

      The first would be great, (nearly perfect) had it not been for some negative effects caffeine potentially has on some of us. Negative effects in the form or some hypertension, heart palpitation, or just that rush/muscle nervous system jolt it gives some of us. To get the best out of caffeine whilst minimising/eliminating its negativity, I would recommend you look into including L theanine with it. This chemical is found in tea, and it's the reason tea helps us with focus and mental clarity, without the jolt/muscle shaking some may experience with coffee. For every 1 teaspoon of instant coffee (about 2g, with its 63mg of caffeine), I'd take about 1 capsule of 100mg theanine. If need to increase, go to 200mg and monitor your reaction.

      Coffee is good, but it can be used like a drug when you take it (say) half hour before exerciseing. It helps facilitate the releae of fatty acids into your blood stream, and because of your exercising, your cells would use this type of energy to fuel your workout, whilst holding to your glycogen levels as much as possible. And yes, coffee does have an effect on your cells, causing some insulin resistance but, it's not bad and most certainly not what it seems on the surface. I'll get into that later if need be.

      The second option, is to take Himalayan salt, about 1/2 a teaspoon mixed in a glass of water with 1/2 a lemon squeezed in there for its liver cleansing and alkalinity. The salt is great for your adrenal glands, counteracting what coffee does to them in a way (I did say opposing options remember)! Plus, on a LCHF diet, some tend to lose sodium chloride more than usual, making muscle contractions less than optimal, and could even lead some to cramping up.

      Nothing fancy in the above recommendation, and both options tried and tested for their positive results.

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