Kale 'potato chips'

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    • Kale 'potato chips'

      A surprisingly GREAT and satisfying CRUNCH!!

      I'm still perfecting this in regards to the amount of oil I need to use but will post as is for now.

      Kale chips

      As many kale leaves as you wish (there's approx 5 in the pics...they don't go far once they shrivel up!).
      Strip the leaf from the stem and wash. Dry thoroughly using a salad spinner.
      Put into plastic bag and drizzle approx. 1 tblspn oil over and a couple shakes of salt. (I used chicken chippee salt..yum). Shake bag thoroughly to evenly coat leaves.
      Place in baking tray in a single layer.

      [Blocked Image: http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af97/perthnat/SANY0861.jpg]

      Bake in 180 oven for about 15 minutes...or until the outer edges start to brown. Take out and place onto cooling rack.

      [Blocked Image: http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af97/perthnat/SANY0863.jpg]
      (these are just a tad overdone...but sooooo crispy :D)

      Crunch and enjoy.

      CK lists Kale as 6.7 carbs, 0 sugars and 34 calories per cup. I'll actually do a proper weigh next time I make them and edit this as it's hard to properly gauge the cup measurements.

      You could choose to use any of the flavoured salts around, but you really don't need much. Same goes with the oil..this batch I have pictured were way too oily. My NEXT batch I should get perfect :)
    • Re: Kale 'potato chips'

      Hi Kel

      Best I can describe the taste, would be to liken them to a very thin potato chip..where you taste not the potato, but the added oil and salt.

      I HAVE noticed that while they stay crisp overnight, they go chewier, and release more of a leafy (??) flavour. Some might prefer it that way, but not me. :cool:
    • Re: Kale 'potato chips'

      PerthNat wrote:

      CK lists Kale as 6.7 carbs, 0 sugars and 34 calories per cup.

      Hi PerthNat,
      Does the listing on CK have a fibre count???
      Usually the fresh veg or salad items listed on there are the american count. Us Aussies subtract the fibre count for a correct carb count.

      This was my understanding of that site so I just thought I'd let you know, they may be lower in carbs than what you think :D

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