Cancer risk found in food colourings

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    • Cancer risk found in food colourings

      Cancer risk found in food colourings

      • Jane Hansen
      • From: Sunday Mail (SA)

      FOOD authorities are reviewing alarming scientific evidence that artificial colourings found in thousands of daily food items could pose a cancer risk, as well as cause hyperactivity and allergic reactions in children.

      The Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks report by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in the US wants the common colours to be banned.
      The colours include the widely used yellow 5, also known as tartrazine (E102); yellow 6, or sunset yellow (E110); blue 1, (133); red 40 or allura red (E129) and red 3 (E127).

      CSPI executive director and report co-author Michael F. Jacobson said the colours had been shown to cause cancer in rats and trigger behavioural problems in children.

      "These synthetic chemicals do absolutely nothing to improve the nutritional quality or safety of foods but trigger behaviour problems in children and, possibly, cancer in anybody," Mr Jacobson said.

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    • Re: Cancer risk found in food colourings

      I noticed my son goes crazy when he has these, so I have limited them in his diet just from seeing this happen to him. It's so true yet the people who make these foods and profit from these colours will deny it till they are blue in the face.