Stewed fruit-gelatin, can be made as whip, too

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    • Stewed fruit-gelatin, can be made as whip, too

      Made this for a treat today.

      Ten stewed prunes, cooked in filtered water and unsalted butter.

      Four ounces cold water and one .25-ounce packet of unflavored gelatin granules.

      After gelatin granules are dissolved, pour in hot prunes and their juice.

      Mix and pour into small custard cups or ramekins. Can also whip heavy cream and fold that in. If the heavy cream isn't the best for whipping, can use xanthan gum to make it set up stiffly.

      Can also put the prune-gelatin mixture in the freezer and fold in the whipped cream after it is half frozen, freeze a bit more and stir again, and freeze again, as you like. Makes a soft, cold whip for a summer treat.

      Can serve with fresh stevia leaves and heavy cream, sour cream, yogurt made with heavy cream.

      Any stewed fruit will do.

      I ate mine plain today, with no cream and it was fine.

      Hope this is of use to someone.
    • Re: Stewed fruit-gelatin, can be made as whip, too

      Hmm how much water do you think she would've used with the prunes? anyone have any experience?

      I have some pure beef gelatin that I'm currently thinking of recipes to use it with. pure gelatin has lots of health benefits and this might be a good one for Maya as she loves prunes.
    • Sherrie, I don't remember exactly, but I think I had soaked the prunes, and then just put the prunes and their soaking water on the stove, and then used that for the gelatin recipe.

      I have one cook book which says, regarding dried fruit, that quick cooking without soaking saves the sugar of the fruit, allows a firmer texture and improves the flavor. Rinse the fruit, cover generously with water and boil briskly until very tender. Apples and apricots require 40 minutes, figs 20-30, peaches 50, pears 40, prunes 45-50, and raisins 10. ... Stick cinnamon, cloves or lemon juice may be added for flavor variety.
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