Cream cheese/butter/cream dip

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    • Cream cheese/butter/cream dip

      I ran across this idea while looking mascarpone recipes. If I haven't just eaten real mascarpone this is just as satisfying, and costs less.

      Substitute for mascarpone or just use as a dip:

      Needed: 8 ounces cream cheese, 1 -2 ounces butter, 1-2 T. heavy cream

      Let soften:

      8 ounces cream cheese
      2-4 Tablespoons butter

      Mix (can use a wooden spoon, but a mixer makes it fluffier):

      Cream cheese, butter, and 1-2 Tablespoons heavy cream

      N. B.: Amounts of butter and cream depend on how buttery and how thin or thick you'd like the dip.

      When substituting for mascarpone, use 2 T. butter and perhaps only 1 T. cream.

      I sometimes put lemon juice in it, because I like the way it tastes.

      If you need even more fat in your food plan, this makes a great dip for pork rinds/crackling or nuts.

      Ideas for things to "dress it up": chopped olives, pimientos, diced peppers or chilis, ground or chopped nuts, jalapenos or salsa, etc.

      I mostly eat this and save my mascarpone for a special treat, as this is a super-quick recipe and the ingredients for this cost less per ounce than heavy cream, where I live.
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