BodyWeight Exercises

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    • BodyWeight Exercises

      Found these exercises on a site relative strenth advantage. Yavor actually posted it in the comments. Thought it was a really good one for all of body. Its quite an interesting site that I found through visiting Fitness Black Book.

      Here it is:

      "Bodyweight Exercises
      I’d say – first check how much you eat. Get your food right and eat only when you need to eat. Slimming down with exercise alone is just harder.
      As far as circuit training goes, here is a home circuit I gave to a few girls that I train so they can do it at home when they are unable to go to a gym.

      The circuit is repeated 2-5 times, depending on your conditioning. Do each movement 10-20 times and go to the next one.

      1. One leg supine hip extension
      Lay on your back and have your one leg up on a chair or bed. Raise your butt up by extending at the hips (squeezing your butt up)

      2. Bench dips
      Place your hands on the edge of a chair or bench with your back facing it. You can have your feet on the floor or on another bench or chair. Go down till your upper arms are parallel or almost parallel to the floor. If you experience shoulder discomfort, you can eliminate this exercise.

      3. Stationary side lunges
      Lunge sideways. Go down by sticking your butt out and back. Make sure knees and toes always point in the same direction.

      4. Plank
      Position yourself in a pushup position but instead of on your hands, rest on your forearms. Squeeze your butt and push it forward. Flex your abs so that the distance between your sternum (chest) and hips is shortened just a little bit. This way the tension can be focused on the abs instead of on your lower back. Hold the position for 30 – 60 seconds.

      5. Bodyweight squats
      Your feet should be shoulder width apart or a little wider. Squat down by sticking your butt out. Keep your chest up and push your knees out to the sides so that they are in line with your toes.

      6. Pushups
      Squeeze your butt and abs. Place your hands shoulder width apart and make sure your elbows go back and not completely to the sides. To make pushups easier they can be done on your knees or standing and pushing up against a wall).

      7. Stationary lunges
      Step forward and then descend directly downwards so that your knees do not go in front of your toes.

      8. Side plank
      Rest sideways on your forearm and make sure to squeeze the obliques – does muscles on the side of your waist. Hold the position for 30 – 60 seconds.

      That’s it! Rest 1 minute and repeat.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)
    • Re: BodyWeight Exercises

      I did these yesterday with my 8 year old son. They were really good. The planks were the hardest. We managed to repeat the circuit twice and did between 10-15 repetitions on most.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)