no bake protein pie

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    • no bake protein pie

      This recipe was taken from a bodybuilding webiste I am a member of...
      I thought it might be suitable to post on here. I still have to make it, but it looks yum.

      No Bake Protein Pie

      3 Cups Cottage Cheese
      2 Scoops Whey
      2.5 tsp Stevia or 1 cup splenda
      2 cups water
      20g Gelatin

      Boil Water and Add Gelatin until dissolved
      Mix in a mixing bowl Cottage Cheese + Gelatin + Whey + Stevia

      Pour into a pie container and let it chill for 5-6 hours in fridge. Should come out hard on outside but soft on the inside
    • I made a mixture similar to this yesterday, in a jar, with no whey.

      I often make gelatin w/ stevia, and add sour cream and/or yoghurt (which I make from light and heavy creams). I found the cottage cheese version all right, something different, but had some of my sour cream and yoghurt version later, and enjoyed it more. I find those beef gelatin granules very handy. :)
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