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    • Originally posted by raybeanberry
      YoooHoooooo.....OGGI.......where are you? We need our planning consultant to take charge ;)

      Here I am! :D

      If we head further south, Moonie has a LONG way to go (and RBB)- so Moonstruck (and RBB) - are you willing to go the extra mile(s)?

      If we go North, then Herbie and Co have the extra miles to go.

      So, depending on what the above ladies say, we have the following options -

      1 further south
      2 north/Perth way
      3 Same place as last time. (menu has changed alittle)

      Once we have the location/venue sorted out we can work on the when.
    • What about Mandurah, although I don't know what places they have there, or maybe we could go a bit further south, don't know where though and as you say then its further for RBB, Moonie and Mel.
      We need everybodies imput here. And yes I was going to post wheres Oggi last night, you are so good and arranging things, so assertive.:D
    • If we head further south, Moonie has a LONG way to go (and RBB)- so Moonstruck (and RBB) - are you willing to go the extra mile(s)?

      At our last meeting, Herbie had the most travelling, so we need to take that into account this time. The Last drop was pretty central to the rest of us..
      If we all work out how long it takes us to get to various destinations then we could probably take it from there..

      It takes me just over two hours to get to Rockingham , and going in another direction it takes me about the same to get to Bunbury. I am not sure how far it is on to Busselton from there..maybe another 30 minutes...
    • I don't mind waiting till you get back from up north RBB, the way the year is flying it will be mid october soon anyway and the closer we get to christmas the harder it will be for everyone to meet at a time that suits all.
      I will be in INdia(hopefully) the last week or so in November too.:p
      Where is Herbie anyway? Herbie where are youuuuuuuuu?:D
    • Some one called about three months ago???? This is about the usual time span between someone leaving a message, and me actually receiving it.
      Sorry guys, I was naughty, but now I am back on track. If there is going to be a get together at some stage, i will be in, just let me know.
      Have a great day
    • Hello Herbie, we haven't organised a full on get together yet..Some of us have been meeting approx once a month at the Last Drop Inn in Rockinham for lunch as you will see by our diaries..Usually spurr of the moment and an invitation goes out to whover wants to join us...

      Purple Pixie is in India at the moment, and as it is getting so close to Xmas it will be in the new year sometime..Perhaps when school goes back..

      How have you been anyway, let us in on what you have been doing;)