mock apple sauce

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    • mock apple sauce

      Alrighty im not sure if there is a recipe for this here.

      I just finished making it and oh my goshness it is gooooooood and u wouldnt know its not apple!!!
      Im making some for christmas day to go with the pork

      1 choko
      Apple cider vinegar
      50g butter (estimate)


      All i did was for the tester
      1 choko peeled and cut into chunky cubes then i mixed together some xylitol cinnamon and apple cider vinegar enough to cover the choko
      Anyways i marinated them for 1 day in a sealed container, sometimes i opened the fridge and tossed them around in the liquid.
      ANyways then i put the whole lot liquid and all into a saucepan and put on low heat to cook or stew as such i did end up adding a bit more xylitol to the saucepan about a desert spoon full and about 50g of butter so it cooked , then i drained most of the liquid out leave about a teaspoon in the saucepan and i whizzed it up and there ya go yum yum