Dr Atkins New Diet Cookbook

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    • Dr Atkins New Diet Cookbook

      Browsing the book section in Big W and came across the cookbook.

      Had a glance (and there were no special products to buy, like Atkins flour)

      I bought it for $19.95 and think it was worth it.

      Then Hubby and I went to a major Australian book store in the same shopping centre and it was selling there for $27.95! So be careful.

      Now to make some comments on the cookbook...

      1. It has a summary of Atkins Diet. The four stages.
      2. Meal plans..Induction, Ongoing weight-loss, Premaintenance Diet, Yeast-free Diet
      3. Section on Special menus for entertaining: Formal entertaining for 12; Barbecue for 12; Buffett Dinner for 20!;Dessert Buffet, Atkins style.
      3 Some recipes (over 200 of them) (I'll start with the sweet stuff!)

      ALMOND BALLS (1.2)
      ICECREAMS - 9 of them! Some not for the early stages of Atkins
      COCONUT CREAM PIE ( 3.7)
      and lots more...now for the other sections of meals....


      4. BREADS - 4 GRAIN & SEEDED (2.1); RYE (2); COURGETTE (2.9)

      Tonight, I am going to make Chicken Mascarpone (4.2)


      Interesting bit about Artificial Sweetners:
      " Dieters must determine which artificial sweeteners agree with them, but the following are allowed: saccharine, aspartame, acesulfame-K" No mention of Splenda.

      I am going to use glutten flour instead of soy.
    • Originally posted by moonstruck
      (did you go to Mandurah?).
      I also want to get Atkins for Life, but on the atkins site it says it isn't being released in Australia until next month.

      Yes...bought it in Mandurah. I think there are three or four left on the shelf. They also had an Atkins carb counter but I wouldn't buy it. Not Aussie based.

      I would like to get the new book too. Let me know when you spot one and the price. We might have to check around. Maybe we could put in an order at Big W?

      (I have spent the last 10 mins trying to paste this link to my diary (even have your directions in front of me!) Going to try again. If it doesn't appear on my diary....be and angel and do it for me;)
    • I went to my local Big W today and they had sold out! I spent about $30 on the "Quick and Easy" (I need the easy... I hate to cook) at the bookshop, but found that a lot of the recipes asked for Atkins products. I hope that they are planning to get the version you got back in stock.
    • I have had a look at other low carb cookbooks and have not been impressed. Some don't even have the carb count listed! If I am going to buy a L/Carb cookbook, I don't want to have to find out how many carbs are in the recipe!!

      Hope your Big W gets some more in (at the low price)
    • I have had a look at other low carb cookbooks and have not been impressed. Some don't even have the carb count listed! If I am going to buy a L/Carb cookbook, I don't want to have to find out how many carbs are in the recipe!!

      I bought Fiona Carns High Flavour etc, and was disappointed at $35.

      I have a really cheap Family Circle Fast Vegetarian booklet, although I'm not vegetarian, and it lists protein, fat, carbs, fiber and cholesterol for every recipe.
    • Originally posted by sanuk
      Does the Atkins cookbook use a lot of ingredients that are only sold in the US?

      That's one of the problems with a lot of recipes you find on the net - they often rely on a special ingredient like low carb maple syrup or something, that you can't get here.

      NO all the ingredients you can get here....I have been using some of the recipes and so far, great. I had a look at the book first, to see if it had Atkins products and it didn't.

      I am glad that I bought it.
    • Garry gave me this book today (2004 version) and I have been flipping through it all morning.

      I was very suprised as I was expecting this too be full of his products like the other one but I have not seen even one mentioned.

      Hes got quite a few really good looking recipes (havn't tasted any yet obviousely hehe) here. Lots of icecream recipes if you like ice cream. The only slights I have found so far has been some carbs counts don't look right as in higher carb count then what the ingredients look like (including taking the fibre into consideration) and he likes to use soy flour alot.

      Hes got a cool idea here where he makes these pasta crepes to make pasta dishes with, the downside to that is he uses soy but I'm sure that can be substituted.

      One thing though is he has this recipe for chicken croquettes which look very yummy but it seems some of the instructions are missing hehe
      The interesting thing though is what he uses for the breading.

      Worth checking out...
    • Guys I'm surprised at the amount of low carb cookbooks that have come out in the last 12 months! Its amazing, but unfortunately some are also decieving.

      There was one in particular called "lo-carb, not no-carb" and it used white flour and and pasta and hadn't included them in the carb count. Then for other dishes that were lo-carb (ie stated 5-10g carbs) they had serving suggestions with white rice! What the?

      I thought it was great when I picked it up b/c it had color pictures (which the Atkins doesnt) and has some great oriental flavours; not the really American style stuff which Atkins does.
      On the way to size 10!
    • I've got the 'low carb not no carb' one on reserve at the library.
      :rolleyes: Sounds like a waste of $1 - especially considering I just look at them out of curiosity and don't ever use the recipes.

      Did manage to get 'Low Carbohydrate Diet for Health' and would you believe it uses low fat milk and caster sugar in the desserts?:eek:

      Makes me think there's no way regular people are ever going to understand how serious a problem this is:mad:

      And they're barking up the wrong tree again on Today Tonight during the week telling people if they eat margarine they're going to go blind, but if they have butter they'll die of a heart attack. Fools!
      Whoever said 'people get fat because they're going to get diabetes' has my respect.
    • Yeah I bought that book too thinking that it would be good as it had recipes divided by different carb ranges etc...

      I was a little dissapointed when I flicked through it but not too much as I figured where they were coming from was moderation. I mean you must admit we do consume too much artificial sweeteners and the like. Obviousely alot of these recipes arn't so great for induction but I was thinking at the least they will help when we get to the stage of maintainence.

      But after reading what you pointed out Mazza I had a flick through again and sure enough their coconut custard recipe was claiming 3g carbs per serve yet one serve of just the palm sugar alone 14.3g carbs.

      I think we should complain about this book...
    • I totally agree with you Sherrie. We do need to complain..to who? The publisher or author? The ACCC?

      "Makes me think there's no way regular people are ever going to understand how serious a problem this is" - Annelies

      Agree 100%. The low carb diet is gaining awareness as an effective way to lose weight, yet the true definition of low-carb is not being communicated effectively. And then people say they tried low carb and it didnt work for them. AS IF!!

      These books certainly do not help, and people are buying them. The lady at the bookstore said the low-carb cookbooks are selling really well.
      On the way to size 10!
    • I've got my reserved books from the library and here's my opinions :D

      "Low carb not no carb" - everything you said about it is sooo true: False carb counts.
      Bread, rice and mash potato in the pictures with a note saying carb counts haven't been included.
      Did you also notice they suggest avoiding cherries and raspberries, yet include a recipe for raspberry mousse!

      "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Carb Meals"::rolleyes:
      Definitely for people who don't know how to boil eggs, microwave bacon, make peanut butter or toast pumpkin seeds. They seriously have full recipes for each of those .
      They use US carb counts and don't like the use of artificial sweeteners so the recipes have sugar, semi-sweet chocolate, flour and molasses.
      There's a whole section on one-pot meals which generally include meat, vegies, herbs and seasonings and another entire section on chocolate.

      "body + Soul fit food low-carb gluten-free low-fat wheat-free":
      I expected this little baby to be low-carb, gluten-free, low-fat AND wheat-free, but it's not.:(
      Teresa Cutter is a chef and personal trainer and she's written a book, had her cake and eaten it too!
      The recipes are divided into seperate categories. There isn't any nutritional information, but it is photographed beautifully. There is liberal use of flour, breadcrumbs, sugar, honey, noodles, carrots, peas and milk in the low-carb recipes.
      You'd have to be VERY choosy on what to use from this book using all your own experience. It's interesting that some recipes aren't labelled low-carb because they're accompanied by potato or rice but could easily be eaten on their own.
      Of about 18 desserts, about 3 are low-carb (2 of those low-fat too)
      Whoever said 'people get fat because they're going to get diabetes' has my respect.
    • Funny aint it?

      I'm reading the South beach Diet at the moment. It claims not to be low carb or low fat; but it restricts all the same things i.e bread, flour, sugar, potatoes, carrots, pasta, rice, high fructose fruits, etc...Its a little different to Atkins, defintely not as strict, but they also have the three phases.
      Phase 1 or induction as we know it, allows nuts, artificially sweetened goods (ie jelly) low fat chesses and skim milk - in tea and coffee.

      In phase two and three, you are allowed to gradually introduce carbs, including brown rice and wholemeal pasta and even wholemeal bread. Eating carbs late at night is not advised...

      I havent read the whole book, but it does have some similarities to Atkins.
      On the way to size 10!
    • I have encountered a few people who are following the South Beach diet. They are all the same people who tried to tell me how dangerous low carb was and that it does not work.

      It is funny how you can give something a different name and slightly alter a few of the "rules" and have people find it acceptable. It just shows what little research people do before they go on a diet/lifestyle change that they don't even realise they doing the same thing that they warned you about!.