questions re POST pregnancy - c-section history and perimenopause

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    • questions re POST pregnancy - c-section history and perimenopause

      I couldn't decide the best place to ask this question - aside from at my gp's office. But when ever I've mentioned a particular issue,she's kind of nodded and agreed with my 'supposition' that it's a lazy uterus (I call it 'the ute'). So lets get graphic.

      I'm 40 & I've had 4 children, 3 c-sections (past medical history reasons for all of them) and one VBAC - he was 3 months early so they figured it was okay to give birth normally. So that's 4 babies, now aged almost 7, almost 6, 4 and 2 Since number 4, 2 years ago, was born, for three to four days after the end of my period, I was still 'expelling' brown gunk....the usual stuff that occurs at the end of your period.

      around June or July 2009 I had a miscarriage about 6 weeks into the pregnancy. Since I wasn't seeing my current GP then due to a disagreement with the way she let my kids muck around in her surgery and twice me being right and she being wrong ( mother's instinct there), I went to the General Practice I was using at the time - one that has heaps of locums so you can rarely if ever get the same doctor. About 6-8 weeks after the miscarriage I went back for a quick inspect as requested and was told that my uterus still seemed a bit 'full'. It was a 'come back' command that I never got the chance to follow up...being very busy with various colds and other virii during the cold and flu season - I'd been very ill with a virus caught just before swine flu got off the boat in Australia as had the rest of the family.

      In the last year though, my sex drive has dropped to barely an ember - a flare of interest here or there but it's gone within seconds literally - and my extra 'discharge' has extended from about 3 days to a full week, leaving me feeling yucky for 2 weeks out of 4! I have maybe a week of normality then the period starts all over again......I think....time flies so fast that I really, honestly cannot keep up. Sometimes I go onto a 5 week cycle, other times it's the standard 4.....and at ovulation - well, it is really, really obvious with discharge, so even then sometimes I need to wear a liner or change undies several times a day.

      Last year (2010) I was doing yoga - something that helps my chronic pain problem and in one session before I got last year's winter bug, we were doing a pose or manouvre that required ummm....rocking kind of on our tummies - a more advanced movement as opposed to the beginner movement, and at one point, in the area of where the uterus is (from recollection), but to the left... I felt a kind 'squishing' feeling. Now I can't be sure, but I think it's since then that this discharge has continued for a week. But as usual, with children breaking arms, burning themselves, having their tips of fingers amputated by doors, various bugs and viruses, my pain specialist appointments, physio and pain psychology appointments, the GP hasn't been high on my list of priorities for ME.

      I'm grumpy ALL the time, tired, my panic attacks have come back (triggered by various anti-depressant meds to help deal with pain and all they've done is stuff my brain up) and are liable to hit for no reason at all. I get a weird kinda spasm in my gut that if left untreated will travel up my gut, up the stomach, up the oesophagus and into my jaw and teeth - mimicking a heart GP gave me nitro-lingual spray which helps - they seem to occur at least once every 2 months - usually only once - but lately with various stresses...have occurred more frequently, to settle down then reappear in another 2 months.

      SO - does anyone have any ideas about this? I AM going to make a drs appt to get hormone levels checked, a proper inspection etc....but wouldn't you know it, my period is due the week the GP re-opens after christmas and well, this gp - when I mentioned the extra bleeding the first time - and went for a pap smear - says - but you're still bleeding - I'm like - I know - that's what I said to you! She doesn't seem to like getting 'into' things. So I'm going to find out which locums are at the other surgery I was visiting and see if the ones I've seen before are there, otherwise, make the trek into the city to see the Dr who had locummed and partnered the former owner of my current GP's practice...she's lovely and I feel 'comfortable' around her.

      I really need some form of explanation - at least for my husband! Neither my mother, nor my two younger sisters made it to forty with their entire reproductive organs intact....and none of them have had a c-section...oddly, both sisters and my mother had 4 children as well.
    • Re: questions re POST pregnancy - c-section history and perimenopause

      Welcome MadMikkie :)

      I have moved your post to the more general parenting section as it is more likely to be seen here.

      You definitely need to see someone ASAP, I would imagine it could be all sorts of things, fibroids etc but also if this follows on from a previous birth or miscarriage then you need to make sure there is not anything left behind.

      Personally I would go for the doctor that you feel most comfortable with. I am thinking you will probably need one of those internal ultrasounds.

      I am sorry about your chronic pain, do you have something like fibromyalgia?
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: questions re POST pregnancy - c-section history and perimenopause

      Thanks for that Sherrie - yes - fibromyalgia is 'one' thing, degenerative fascia disease (that's what the pain specialist called it), degenerative and bulging discs in my lumbar spine - arthritis and possibly degenerative disc (I don't recall anymore what he said) in my cervical spine....arthritis in my shoulder just drives me potty - so with getting appointments to the specialist, for updates, for the lumbar and cervical blocks, to the physio, for the kids and their dr's appts, school, autism specialist appts and for my pain psych who is now referring me to a psychiatrist to see if something other than diazepam will help with the GAD - working everything around ALL of that is difficult to keep time! My mobile is my 'diary' of things to do, other wise I forget things and muck up times etc.
    • Re: questions re POST pregnancy - c-section history and perimenopause

      I should add, having said that definitely see the doc as your other problem could be making the others worse and at the very least the least you have to worry about the better and this one might be fixable.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.