Bodytrim Diet 2

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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2


      Well it's my last night of Protein Only Detox - feel that I have done really well. Didn't struggle like I thought I would, the first day was the worst then it just got easier. Hopefully it just keeps getting easier. Bring on SALADS & VEGES tomorrow!!!!!
      Have found it amazing how many people continue to try to shove food in your face after explaining you are eating 'sensibly'. It has happened to me twice in only three days :mad: Wonder if they secretly want you to fail, regardless of how much they love you? Maybe because they're not happy within themselves... My Hubby is great tho, so luckily he's the only person I live with and is very supportive, he's even following the program (probably not as strictly as I am but it helps)...
      So far so good. Maybe I'll weigh myself tomorrow...for once I'm actually hesitant to get on the scales. THe program seems so foolproof I'm worried it is too good to be true. I feel great though so that is all that matters :D

      Lisabella, hope you are doing well !!!

      Night everyone
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi Lisabella,

      Bet you are excited for tomorrow! I have egg on toast for breakfast on my normal days and love it!
      I did have problems when i first tried refusing food around people, but now i have found it easier by either saying i am not hungry or i ate earlier. small white lies, but means i can refuse that piece of chocolate or trip to macdonalds at friends. as soon as you say you are on a diet i swear the whole room yells "oh one day won't hurt". i get that you're not meant to sweat the small stuff, but it all adds up!! and a day or week without a loss means more of a wait until my weightloss goal. well thats what i keep telling myself haha.
      My housemate and i cook separately so i havent found it hard to cook my BT meals, just feel a bit odd on protein only days. You're lucky to have someone in your house who is doing it as well. You can share the excitement of your cheat day as well!!
      Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi Everyone, great to hear your enthusiasm, you go you new girls :D

      I have had a bit of a mixed up this week again. Things are very hectic at work getting ready for our big opening this Sunday and for the last three weeks I keep getting called in and we end up working thru breaks so snacks get missed and today we said "no break and go home early". Didn't happen of course so I had morning snack at the proper time but then lunch was 1 1/2 hours late.

      The three hour rule is suffering big time. Its taking its toll on my scales and its peeving me off. My mini goal of getting to 70kgs by the end of January has gone out the window so therefore so has my long turn goal :mad::mad::mad:

      Woe is me :( I have been doing everything right - no slip ups food wise, getting my steps in no worries and water is about 2 - 2 1/2 litres a day, so the only thing thats not perfect is timing. Missed a few snacks and had a few late meals. So I feel very ripped off that a bit of timing that's out of my control means I'm hitting my head against a brick wall going nowhere for weeks now.

      Well there I've had my sook - lots of gooey sweet sympathy would be greatly appreciated. Then I'll get back on my horse and try again this week.
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Blackierose wrote:

      Hi everyone,

      Yeh i watch the biggest loser from start to end! i also have a slight crush on shannan lol. not sure about this white trainer though, we'll see how she goes.

      Now the Commando, mmmmmm, I could watch him all day. hehe. I dont know about the white trainer either, I think she is in for some lessons.

      Current weight 4/17 84.9 kg
      Goal weight 65 kg

      Other goals: Reversal of my diabetes
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Kapay wrote:

      Well there I've had my sook - lots of gooey sweet sympathy would be greatly appreciated. Then I'll get back on my horse and try again this week.

      Kapay, sending you as much sympathy as you need. Couple of weeks back I thought I was following everything to the letter too, and managed to put on 1 kilo! Talk about a kick in the head! After really studying my habits I found a few things like portion size, timing, sneaking a couple of drinks that obviously all added up. If nothing else it got me motivated and back on track!
      So swing that leg over and get back on that pony!
      You'll get there. ... Fiona.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hey guys,

      Just got on the scales for the hell of it this morning and I am at a low (weight-wise) that I haven't been to before. Nice. I am happy as long as my increase variances each week are trending down:)

      Have not seen Biggest Loser but I have read Tiffany Hall's book (the white trainer) and that girl is an absolute mental giant. Her focus is formidable and I cannot wait to see it so I can see how she is going. I love all the trainers but she is a great addition. She looks all sweetness and light but with her martial arts background..... hmmmmmmm.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Congrats everyone on their weightloss :cool::cool:

      I am also a Shannan fan... I always back the blue team. I also think the new girl from the white team looks super motivated... she was saying that she has never had a beer in her life or ate pub!!!

      I am sooooo thrilled my 3 day detox is over and I can have a nice piece of broccoli - lol. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

      I am really scared of the free day... how is everyone finding it? I seem to be ok sticking to a diet, but if I have a binge day, it is really difficult for me to get back on track! I think I may just have some extra fruit and a glass of wine, but not too many carbs.

      Hope everyone has a good day!!!!;);)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi Kapay,
      Are you able to eat protein bars at your work? better than nothing. maybe a few slices of ham? hopefully it will all slow down soon and you can focus on your diet again!

      I require sympathy as well! I won't take any away from you Kapay, but I would like a small amount. My 2010 model car was damaged in the hail storm last year (was only a month old) and then finally got repaired in november. but it turns out the repairs done by the panel beater were so dodgy that they have now written it off! i have now got to go car shopping AGAIN! i am considering egging the panel beaters office, but then i would probably miss out on my egg on toast for breakfast!

      Haha i also love the commando! the white trainer does seem like a butt kicking machine!! can't believe she has never even had a beer. people have to let loose sometime!

      With cheat days i try to restrain myself a little bit! i tend to have a pasta for lunch, maybe with some garlic bread, chocolate in the afternoon and then a rice dish for dinner. i dont let myself have takeaway as i know it will set me on a slippery slope! plus the pasta is so filling now its not funny. one piece of advice i will give you is don't weigh in the day after your free day! it will definitely be up!

      Congrats on your loss sixtyeight. i think i am week or two weeks away from being the lowest weight in about two years.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Wow... Well done girls... Lowest weight in 2 years. That really motivates me.
      Blackierose, what a nightmare about your car:mad: hope u find something much better to make u happy again.

      I have lost 3 kgs in 4 days which I am thrilled about. What is even better though is that my appetite is under control, as well as my cravings whoop whoop!!
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      3 kilos in 4 days is amazing!! Great work!! better you are feeling awesome…
      I went car shopping last night, I know exactly what I want (same car but 2011), but now just waiting around for the insurance company to send me confirmation then have to organise the payout of the finance on my written off car. Never had a written off car so is all new!!
      Lowest weight in 2 years sounds a lot better than it is. If I make 73 this week I will have lost 5kg (never made it that far before) and I am going to stay there! and then get lower! That is the plan anyway. The elusive 73 seems to be hiding from me at the moment. I am trying to drink as much water as possible and hoping it will help. I am really hoping it’s because I am doing quite a lot of exercise at the moment and I’m not dropping weight because I;m gaining muscle & tone. I feel smaller so hopefully it will show up on my measurements (I record my weight and measurements once a week).
      Fingers crossed for my weigh in on Sunday 
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Sixtyeight, Lisabella and Blackrose, you sound like you're all going great guns!
      Keep up the great work!
      I had a little blow-out last night. A post-Xmas catchup with my brother and his family (chased out of the north by Yasi), so a few drinks ensued and a bit too much to eat.
      Hopefully not too much damage.
      Look forward to hearing of more super results.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi Everyone,
      I am waiting on my Bodytrim plus to arrive,I did the original Bodytrim last year and it really works,I have the problem of going off track and then finding motivation to get back on!Just wondering what the 'plus' program has in store,I feel I am constantly 'going on a diet'..Im tired...
      I am going to give this everything Iv got this time..turning fifty in June,I can hardly believe it!..I am gonna be fit and comfortable with myself by then!
      Will keep in touch,
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi all...

      Fiona, I suppose that is the great thing about body trim, if you do have a bad day, you just make it your free day.
      Karen, not really sure what the difference is. A friend gave me her DVDs from the original BT so just been using them.

      Yay for Friday;-)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi everyone and thanks for your support the other day when I was feeling low I have picked myself up and will weigh tomorrow as its supposed to be my free day.

      Thing is, I usually feel a bit "hungover" and icky on the day after free day (Saturday) and as Sunday is a huge day at work, I dont want to be less than 100% fit. So I am actually thinking of missing free day and PO day this week and wait til next week when I can enjoy it.

      Any thoughts :confused:

      Glad you found a new car Blackierose cant believe that happened but as long as you are not out of pocket a nice new car will great :)

      Karen, I have both original BT and BT+ and the difference is only in the new motivational dvd's and a bit of clarity on the program but it is exactly the same as the original.

      Have a good weekend everyone and I'll check in on you all soon
      Kapay :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2


      Thanks everyone, my insurance company has been amazing! i am definitely happy to get a new car (am getting a couple of extras on it as well :) ) just wish the panel beater had done their job in the first place! has been a lot of stress! i wont be out of pocket as (thank god) i insured my car for the agreed value when i purchased it.
      Glad you are feeling better Kapay. Maybe don't skip you free day, but just add in some fruit or something not body trim approved? i find the carbs make me feel really full and bloated on my free day so this week i am having a pasta lunch, then body trim dinner. won't skip my garlic bread though, how i look foward to that each week!
      am very excited today as me and me housemate are going to michelle bridges and the commando at a shopping centre today! should be good i hope.
      good luck to everyone weighing in tomorrow! hopefully everyones numbers will be dropping!
      also good luck karen, we are all here for you and want to hear about you going great guns!
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi BT'ers am going back on BT on Monday - was on BT last year (and on the first BT forum) and lost 10kgs but then plateaued for 2-3 months and felt like I was just dieting to maintain it. I decided to take a break from BT as was getting sick of so much meat (it had been about 5 months by then and the last 2-3 months all that happened was my weight would go up and down by 1 kg).

      I took a month off and then tried to go back on BT but couldn't handle the 3 day detox at all (the first time managed it fine but this time it was just too much meat for me)

      Anyway at first I didn't put any weight back on at all which was great but then I stopped weighing myself and noticed my pants were too tight and have now gained about 6 kgs back which I'm determined to get off along with a further 25 kgs.

      Feeling fat and uncomfortable about wearing summer clothes in this boiling weather is not fun and am sick of it!!

      I have also stopped smoking (yet again :confused: ) but this time I won't fool myself into thinking that I can just have a cigarette when out as it always hooks me back in the end. Its only been 10 days but I am ready to start the detox phase on Monday (just need a day to stock up on BT food).

      I think this time I might try to eat more of the vegetarian protein options so I don't get so sick of meat.

      Hope I don't get too crabby and wondering if anyone else in a similar situation??
      Not giving up

      Goals reached:
      Under 95kgs by end of February 2010 - MET March 4:) Under 90 by end of March - met and then plateaued for 2 months - and gave up the diet.

      Feb 7th - restart BT diet at 96.3

      CURRENT GOAL under 90kgs by end of March :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      whoops just noticed my old ticker info is on here _ I will update with my current weight and new goal/s when I begin on Monday
      Not giving up

      Goals reached:
      Under 95kgs by end of February 2010 - MET March 4:) Under 90 by end of March - met and then plateaued for 2 months - and gave up the diet.

      Feb 7th - restart BT diet at 96.3

      CURRENT GOAL under 90kgs by end of March :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet 2

      Hi Bynes,

      Welcome back! Good luck on your three day detox, you've done it before so you can definitely do it again.
      I guess we all get sick of meat at some point. I find then that i use an atkins bar (there is one like a muesli bar which is fantasic!). I have also just brought a thing of protein shake for my after dinner snack as well. I haven't tried any vegetarian options yet, but all i would say is keep an eye out for the carbs. I've looked at them at the shops and always given up, but I'll bet you'll find something that will work.
      Today is my cheat day so i am in an amazingly good mood (havent eaten anything yet, but it's all planned out!) and off to do jacobs ladder (anyone from perth should know what that is) which always makes me feel good afterwards.
      Hopefully you find what works for you and feels great as well, there's no
      point being unhappy while you're doing this.
      Good luck with your weightloss and you're quitting smoking.