Side effects: awesome!!

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    • Re: Side effects: awesome!!

      I don't call them side effects, I call them benefits. For me, it was losing my 2-3 times migraines - because Atkins, back in 2005, showed me I was very gluten intolerant (dr then said maybe coeliac, but I did not want to have the invasive biopsy test to find out, I just eat as if I am). And I also lost my bloating, a painful tum after a meal, dermatitis, brittle nails, aching joints & agonisingly painful feet in the mornings when I got out of bed.

      But for me the one that stands out here is Deena being able to not have to inject herself 4 times a day. Makes everything else pale into insignificance, to me. What an absolutely fantastic benefit - I can only imagine how free you must feel now.
      Odille -
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    • Re: Side effects: awesome!!

      It is amazing to read all about the good effects of eating LC!

      I was having so much trouble for over 8 months I would be bloated and my stomoch would go hard and stick right out. I tried not eating this and that but in the end I was eating pretty much nothing but still in agony.

      I saw GYN for some girly drams and he suggested I start taking fibergel 3 times a day. I did this at the same time I started BT and I noticed a change on day one!

      I have just had a month back on the carb train ... but thankfully jumoed back off and getting back into the LC WOL.

      I think I am leaning more towards Atkins now after doing BT for a few months.

      I have also noticed less headaches but still get the big black mostache and a few random thick black ones on my girls.

      Tomorrow officially Day 1 on Atkins :)

      Good "Side effects" bring them on!
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