Fat contents and calories too

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    • Fat contents and calories too

      Just curious about how much fat you guys eat daily. Do you have a limit? What is the ratio of "good" fats, ie nuts, avos etc to animal fats?
      And also do you calorie count as well? I have been reading through various weight loss sites and one thing they seem to advocate is eating enough calories, so when I totalled up what I am eating I come in about 1/4 - 1/2 of the recommended 1400 cals a day, good? bad? any opinions?
    • Re: Fat contents and calories too

      personally,i don't pay any attention to fat. i eat the fat off chops, peanut butter as a snack, butter on my vegies, evoo on salad, avocado in salad etc. probably eat more animal fats than plant. you def. do need to keep up your calories though. dropping them for a couple of days here and there won't hurt, but consistently eating too few calories will slow your metabolism over time. it's good to mix it up a bit. have more carbs now and then, enjoy a good meal out followed by a couple of low carb days etc. the two things that i think are most important is eat enough calories and eat enough fat. besides, fat makes things taste good:D hope this helps.
    • Re: Fat contents and calories too

      hehe, thanks, I noticed after going low carb I was starting to feel greasy, thought maybe the fat intake was too high, although having said that since I have cut down on the fat, those pesky spots on my chest courtesy of PCOS have come back, they went away just after I started LCing.
      I have been munging out on almonds, I figured they are fairly high in cals, so that would get my cal intake up more.
    • Re: Fat contents and calories too

      350-700 calories is bad, to put it this way a 5 year old child needs something like 1800 calories to maintain their weight. Your metabolism may go down with age in adulthood but it goes down slowly and the bigger you are the more calories and protein your body requires, thus the greater your metabolism.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Fat contents and calories too

      That's the thing, I just don't feel like eating and then when I do I crave greens, I think because I used to spend all day snacking on biscuits and other home baked goodies and now that I have weaned off those I'm just not hungry or one of those little tempter tuna tins is enough, I try to keep a bowl of boiled eggs in the fridge and snack on those but again, not very high cal. I dunno maybe I need to find more of a variety of food to snack on. I think because I stopped the cakes and biscuits but didn't know what to replace them with. *sigh*